Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Maha reply.

Great ,great ,very happy for what I am seeing on the blog, this is the civil conversation I was trying to find ,this the way which I want people to start doing ,speaking all that they have,and say ,what ever they want ,I thank all the people who participate ,it’s a great after all these year ,knowing nothing about each other ,only that we are enemy for each other ,why ? because of what ?these where hard questions to be answered ,never we could do that ,never we could speak clear as we do today ,maybe even for both sides ,I respects all the view points ,even those I
don't agree with ,But this is the change ,we are free to say any thing ,we are free to do any thing ,and having more than one side view ,is better and better ,to under stand ,the reasons and the cause of the whole situation, and to learn more from each other ,I hope that ,this will answer a lot of unanswered questions.
Thank you “Rana “ for shearing you views with us ,and I will prove to you that ,thing changed ,things walk towards new future ,remember I will prove to you that .
I love to hear from any Iraq ,want to shear ,his thoughts and opinion with us ,all the way .
I got a lot on messages from my friends here in and out side Iraq ,thanking me ,for what I am doing ,telling me to keep on ,I didn’t set out there caring ,and weeping ,about fantasies and silly words ,no existing life ,I started to work and work and work ,hard for better future ,we create our future , future don’t wait for us to pay it a visit ,and life give you the chance one time ,and I will prove to you ,that we deserve this chance ,and we will use it ,time all i need some time.
Any way ,that’s great challenge ,and I love and be happy to take it.
Today I will introduce to you ”Maha” view Pointe ,she wanted to reply ,what she post before “Rana” message .

Hi sarmad
I hope you do well,
Dear am sorry that I couldn’t sent the massage ,I couldn’t access internet in same day there was problem with line which serve the houses I supposes you knew that , and on second day I travel to the north of Iraq , to have some vacation to be away from the mess in Baghdad , which they give it to us with there services of liberate us ,our friends !!!!
Hear I sent you the reply to there comments , which I was eager to sent it directly in same day , I was eager also to get the answer to my questions ,to be convinced by there opinion !!!!!
I thank you in advanced to publish this for me .

To all those who commented my massage addressed to my friend Sarmad , I can understand your attitude , and your angry , sure ,you love your country and your citizen of America as I love mine , it’s normal emotion towards our countries.
First I want to clarify that am not a terrorism, or have any reaction towards the USA as a people or state, on contrary, and as I said previously I contact many American people here in Iraq, I was deleing with them friendly, abstract from any detestation or hate feelings. I can not hate person I don’t know him , and maybe because I believe that they do what they have been ordered to do , I pity them because they left there home and there families to come here , suffering under high temperature and to be targeted by those how call them selves resistance.
All what I said was against the USA as politic,
Am simply Iraqi women who lived and growth under Saddam sever regime, I suffer just like all Iraqis from Saddam , and his attendants, I was counting the days to get rid of him, and there is no comparison between our hate feelings and spite towards him (Our = me as Iraqi one and you, all the foreigners ) , because simply I was there all these years suffering lively , not like you , how heard that he is dictator , he do that and this with his people , …… etc, all what you were hearing , I was living it directly. And I guess all of us know the differences when you heard about something and when you live this daily in all the details of your life .
So in this point I agree , as all the Iraqis agree with you.
But, in another hand , and as I say previously , I cant look at you as saviors, I cant believe that your priorities was to free the Iraqi people , and as I told you am not talking emotionally , there is many questions in our minds , maybe if you answer it , maybe I will believe you.
Why now USA decide suddenly to get rid of Saddam , he was forming a problem, and killing people since the 80th , why USA didn’t react when he bomb the north and Iran with chemical weapons , and now you are trial him for this crime.
USA didn’t react, she was happy looking at two of her enemies fighting , and don’t bother for the millions of Iraqi and Iranian solders were killed in this silly war.
And after that he go and invade Kawit, in the war of 90th , why USA didn’t took him of , when she came here with all her friends to ME, and let me tell you a speech announced by your General Shwariskoof , at that time ,he declared publicly that he received a instructions from GB, personally to stop his troops after they reach Baghdad borders in 90th war, why !!!!
Tell me why they didn’t enter Baghdad and fight Saddam and get him outside , did you think we didn’t suffer enough at that time to help us!!!!
Why you keep the embargo along theses 13 years , millions of innocents people were killed in these 13 years , and those who were living just god know how they were living , collapse for all the society and it’s manners and principles , exhausted people.
Exhausted people , that’s it , that what was the cause to stop the troops at Baghdad gates before 13 years ago, USA want that , to enter the country when it’s exhausted so they will be welcomed with flowers when they will arrive next time, and to be believed that there only goals is liberate Iraqis .

That’s why I don’t think there is any resistance , and all what is happening now is a exterior terrorist and Anti-America have attitudes against USA and find in Iraq in this period a good field to fight ,to revenge for there countries , since it’s time to liberate the countries , but each in his way of thinking.
the Iraqis was exhausted along these years as was planed , so when the troops enter Baghdad they didn’t resist at that time.
That what we are thinking about , and me , if USA come to rescue Iraqis , it suppose to do that since many years ago, and always she had the ability to do that , always find the silly reasons , just like the imaginary reports that she depend on it that Iraq has the mass destruction weapon , and finally have the relation with Al Qa’daa, and in on of the comments I receive it from you , you said you chose Iraq to implement the democracy in it because it’s less than the other Arabian country in terrorist .!!!
finally personal question , why when the troops enter Baghdad , why they defend all the buildings that they need it and let others to the looters , why when I went before five month to Babilon governarate in some business and went by the way to see the most important and historical ancient ruins (Babilon Ruins), and surprised that it’s forbidden to enter there because it’s a military Base , why they chose a historical place, just like Zaqurat UR,in Al Muthana govern rat in south of Iraq , also I prohibited to enter there for same reasons, what is the relation between our culture and your troops!!!!!

And there is many other questions in my mind comes from my notices , and it’s nothing just questions held to your idea of free Iraq and liberated it.

I cant see the tank in front of my house , in our streets and accept it and say , oh they are friends of me !!!
I cant see people killed accidentally, and say oh they come to liberate us , or give us freedom other wise I will say the same about Saddam.

Simply I adore my country, as you love USA…
Am hurt to the millions innocent people that die without any crime along these decades (phi scaly dying or psychologically), as you are concern about the tenth people that die in famous 11 Sep.
Simply we are not followers to what is published in media, we are living the truth each day, we see it in every detail in our life.
Your friend Maha

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Reply message from a friend.

Hi every one I hope you enjoyed my article about ”Fahrenheit” today I received a message from my other dear friend “Rana” she is replying about your comments on “maha” message there is how she want to say, and I as she asked me I will publish here message as she sent it to me ,and I will comment later on here message on the blog .

Hello Sarmad…this is your friend Rana….how are you? I read through your site, and

i really want to know if u believe in every word you're saying? Isn't there another side you're not disposing? Honestly? I will wait for your reply!

Now I will ask you to put this message on your site, it is for those who cares and especially for those who answered maha's brief thoughts…..

First I like to fix an information Sarmad gave wrong un intentionally, we were six friends at collage, 3 girls and 3 boys, both girls are very dear to me but Maha being here in Baghdad (not in Germany as some thought!) is very close to me so you can guess that we have the same point of view regarding the occupation of Iraq!, which is refusal and have nothing to do with racism or terrorism, nevertheless u saw only that which is so typical of you adopting the American way of thinking !!!!:

Assumptions, building theories and even take actions based on those assumptions!

But here I thank those of you who have good intentions for the Iraqi people and I don't blame those people and never hate them cause they are blinded by their government's lies, am not going to talk of theories as your rulers do! I will only talk of facts:

You judged us as racists and terrorists because we don't support the American occupation of Iraq! Tell me, what should I support? The blood shed in Iraq? All you care about is the several hundreds of Americans died in the past events! Forgetting thousands of Iraqi people killed by the Americans! And it is like this:

We, Iraqi people in a country so far away from you, we have a tyrant as a ruler, but!!!! Who helped him to become a ruler? Who kept him ruler in 1991 when Baghdad was about to fall for Shwarskuf so easily but for the orders came from Washington!!! You could have spared us the mass graves !!!!! And who was behind the sanction which was not against Saddam as much as against the people of Iraq??? Even after Iraq destroyed it's weapons, who was against every decision which could improve the simple people's lives, with it's (Vito)???????? Do you know that the sanction killed 1.5 million Iraqi child ???????? ( based on UN reports) who attacked our cities several times during the 90's without UN approval and terrorized my people for the mass destruction weapons lies????????? Who used prohibited weapons on us to suffer it's destruction effects for years and years to come so they can test those new weapons as if we were mice??????

We hated Saddam; we were waiting the day when he is no more there and we're free!!! , at the same time we hated the way U.S. dealt with us. So we could never accept the fact that U.S. is a real friend, concerned and helpful!!!!.

What U.S. did to us is invasion, it's troops came all the long way to secure interests of the greatest nation on earth!!!!!!!!! And that must be done properly!!!!! Who are we Iraqis to protest????!!! We are dealing with the Americans!!!, and they are the most clever!!! The mot powerful, and the most virtuous, so all we have to do is submitting to them by erasing our past, our culture, our religion, our morals and accept whatever they bestow on us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We did have a tyrant, still it's our business, why should U.S. interfere against UN will if not because of major interests???????, before the war they said it was because of mass destruction weapons!!!! Well, they couldn't find any!!!!, and they said it was because of the connections between Saddam and al Qa'eda but they couldn't find any Prove of such relation??!!that war was based on nothing but the American arrogance

and freeing Iraq is just something that came later to make the picture look better!!!!!!!!! Did America liberate us??????? Is it good to substitute a tyrant by an occupier ???? a foreigner???? An alien?????????would u accept that for your country ???? Do you buy their talk of leaving Iraq???Even if the troops leave, U.S. will take care of every thing in Iraq through other channels, real occupation is not the troops occupation!!!! So we are face to face with the fact that Iraq lost the independence which we value more than any of you could understand , we are peaceful people but we are proud people, we have culture of our own and it is so old , so our roots are so strong….. sorry, we can not submit easily!!!!!! U.S. admitted that being in Iraq is not as they thought it would be!!!! Most Iraqis are against existence of U.S. in Iraq ( not troops existance only) opposite to what you think that they are welcomed!!!!!and that does not make us terrorist, in fact Iraq before the so-called liberation did not have terrorism !!! the (liberation) brought it as a bonus!!!!!!
After reading your comments, I know I must assure you that being here in Iraq is different than whatever you could imagine!!! It is the real thing , as for you, I think you are all under some sort of illusion …. You believe what you are allowed to see on your tv, and we believe what we see in our home clear cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11-9/4

Iraq - one year after the war; Iraq through a complete 180 degrees of change; one of the countries that was always known as a challenge for what it was, as a threat - not only to humanity but to the whole world.
Do you want to compare 9/11 to 9/4?
9/11 - the attacks on the civilization of freedom, the symbol of the free world.
9/4 - the fall of the dictatorial regime of evil, the symbol of the slave world.
The big difference between the two events? No one felt these two events, and lived through them as much as the Americans and the Iraqis. No one felt the changes more than those two peoples.
And here we see who claims these events and uses them as a purpose and a reason to make his own celebrity, and win trophies and awards, as if he invents something for humanity, or finds a cure for one of the diseases.
MICHAEL MOORE, the director of "Fahrenheit 911".
This movie - I won't even call it a movie - it's like a "cut and paste" movie - I wonder what he is thinking when he shows his "cut and paste" movie: "cut and paste" for explosions and fighting, and terrorists covering their faces; statements by GWB playing golf (I didn't know playing golf in America was a crime. I know it was in Iraq before 9/4. It was only for presidents.) I wonder if it took MICHAEL MOORE hard work to produce this "cut and paste".
I wonder if you've lived under dictators, extremists, terrorist rule, or if you are just living under the gift of being free - free to say anything, free to do anything, free to make a film from "cut and paste" to win trophies and awards and $26 million. I just wanna remind you where you are, because there are brave men fighting for where you are. I wonder if you live safer and safer for all your life - safer for hope, safer for justice - and if there's fear in your life. I wonder why we always try to think of ourselves, why we evaluate hard work and achievements, and show them like dark spots.
Saying that your troops will never be back home - this is not true. Saying that going to war wasn't the right thing to do.
What are the solutions you offered? Okay, we've been attacked by the extremists. We must solve our problems first before we attack them? We have too much freedom? We should make less freedom because” Bin Laden” doesn't accept that freedom goes toward the east? Freedom is evil - evil because you don't follow anyone, you follow your mind?
We should never have attacked Iraq because Saddam was not yet a threat. He didn't develop weapons of mass destruction. He only had some chemical and biological weapons and some missiles.
That you can speak to soldiers about not going back to Iraq because of what they see there is a reason for people to be proud and believe that what is happening is for the good of all. This is the freedom to do what you see is right for you. If this soldier was in any place in the Middle East, he would be executed because he said he didn't like what his government did.

The attacks on 911 were only the beginning of evil. Fighting this evil is the mission of all good people. It is a challenge.
Mr. MICHAEL MOORE, what will be your reaction after several years, when you see a free country and a modern and civil one? That we should say thank you to the brave men who did that, or see your "cut and paste" movie, or sue you for being an imposter?
Your troops will be home as soon as they have done their job. This is a promise from Iraqis.
I have talked with many soldiers. They were happy to work here. Some of them even say, "Iraq is our home. We work to rebuild it."
Know what I will go to do and I now this need more than one post, but I see it, like one of the must important issues to be discuss ,and I will use some parts from” Dave Kopel” I took some parts and discuss it .
“Moore has been criticized for using the reaction shots as a clever way to avoid showing the planes hitting the buildings, and some of the victims falling to their deaths. Even if this is true, the segment still effectively evokes the horror that every decent human being felt on September 11.”
This is on of the reasons for I call it "cut and paste" movie.
Three days after September 11, Moore demanded that no military action be taken against Afghanistan:
"Declare war?" War against whom? One guy in the desert whom we can never seem to find? Are our leaders telling us that the most powerful country on earth cannot dispose of one sick evil f---wad of a guy? Because if that is what you are telling us, then we are truly screwed. If you are unable to take out this lone ZZ Top wannabe, what on earth would you do for us if we were attacked by a nation of millions? For Chrissakes, call the Israelis and have them do that thing they do when they want to get their man! We pay them enough billions each year, I am SURE they would be happy to accommodate your request....
Mr .Moor if you think that the hall issue is related to one and only one person, you are rung and completely rung its not only ” Bin Laden” ,it’s a faith on there believers ,on there way ,is only right way ,nothing matter in life every thing is behind life , “Al Qaeda “is only the organization who organize the work ,and any leader for each group, had to take the decision he see as the right one, any where he is ,and he got only to ask for the support ,from the organization to do his job ,they don’t believe in any religion or thought ,accept there religion and thoughts .
Fahrenheit asserts that Saddam’s Iraq was a nation that “had never attacked the United States. A nation that had never threatened to attack the United States. A nation that had never murdered a single American citizen.”
yes “Saddam Iraq” as you say because really before 9/4 Iraq was Saddam and Saddam was Iraq only ,is he a threat only when he kill an American ? Weird way to give accuses to defend saddam ,you didn’t see what was written on the walls , what we was learning us in schools ,universities or daily live “fight America ,America been beaten ,fight Israel ,Israel will be beaten “ “America is responsible for your misery” and much more ,Mr.moor if you been rise up on these principals ,how? You can be shower when I will Attack you.
Moore’s pro-Saddam allegation that Saddam “never threatened to attack the United States” is true in the narrow sense that Saddam never gave a speech in which he threatened to, for example, send the Iraqi navy and army to conduct an amphibious invasion of Florida. But although Saddam never threatened the territorial integrity of America, he repeatedly threatened Americans.
Dear Mr. Moor you lived the propaganda of “Saddam” and his fiat believes, we lived the realty of Saddam, we was dealing with him every minute every day ,weak sleep ,he was just every where ,you didn’t live through all this ,you don’t believe me if I told you that people with all the pain they got from Saddam cant tell know believe that, he is goon ,they cant speak, they are afraid that he will come back ,they learn to beat ,and humiliated, and never speak ,Saddam will be more than happy if he could attack America ,if he cot the ability to do so ,I wish you was here in Iraq ,when you speak to your president and say to him sham on you ,I wish you could say that to Saddam ,and see how he will respond to you, any way if you are so worried about "Saddam " he is now in the hand of Iraqi justices you can afford him a lower ,and I assure you, that saddam will be well traded, and he will be given all his rights , and that he never did to any Iraqi he killed and executed .
Iraq and al Qaeda
I agree ,that Saddam didn’t have any sympathy towards extremes and religionist ,but if they only Worked against its rule ,and on his land ,and if they supported him, and fight with his fear case then they will be alleys, and we should support them.
Moore shows scenes of Baghdad before the invasion and in his weltanschauung, it’s a place filled with nothing but happy, smiling, giggly, overjoyed Baghdadis. No pain and suffering there. No rape, murder, gassing, imprisoning, silencing of the citizens in these scenes.
Excuse me is this my Baghdad you talk about ,that Baghdad I live in for more than 20 year ,with all what we lived through ,how could we be happy and smiling ,and we got people bored to death ,under ground ,live ,because ,I cant give you a cause ,maybe you can ,you seems to know more than us ,how? we can be Happy ,and I got friends executed ,I got bothers in jail ,how? We can be happy, and we got nothing to eat, how? we can be happy ,and we got nothing to live for, Iraq was ruled by a regime that had forced a sixth of its population into fearful exile, maybe you have the answers?
The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not “insurgents” or “terrorists” or “The Enemy.” They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow -- and they will win.
Once a gian seems like Mr.moor simplies and complicate like “cut and paste “ he was doing all the way saying that those who he called them REVOLUTION ,are only enemy of Iraq—the coalition of Saddam loyalists, al Qaeda operatives, and terrorists controlled by Iran or Syria—who are united in their desire to murder Iraqis, and to destroy any possibility of democracy in Iraq, never and ever people been REVOLUTION by cutting innocents peoples head ,or attack police stations ,or bomb ordenary people ,or hit power stations ,or oil pipes ,is those REVOLUTION ,if you didn’t notice those REVOLUTION are only ,in the places which they where the most usefull people from Saddam rejieam ,and they simply don’t accept the change for bettert life to all not to some,and if they are popular and supported by people here ,I wonder why they cover their facess ? no one in Iraq doubt the support from Iran and Syria to those murdders .
According to Screen Daily, Moore’s film will open in mid-July on ten screens in Lebanon and two screens in Syria.
This indeed will be the grateast movie for such as people ,living under the rule of fanticy ,and Hezbollah is doing this in Lebanon ,this is fine and great , I wander if they can show” the independents day” movie ,there is a theme in the movie ,fighting together agents evil.
we will never allow any one to force any think on us ,no ,no more.
I hope Mr.Moor could have a little time to look over how we see things through his “cut and paste” movie .
Just want to say Iraq is our ,and we never let him be goon as it was before, and any Iraqi will meet you some day he will meet you as a friend not as an enemy.
Finally here is some pictures for the new Iraq ,hope you can use it for a new movie not for "cut and paste " movie and show how Iraq is going forward ,and he was release from Darkness,Hope you can use something named faith.

Iraqi American Together Agents terries
A soldier teaching some kids1
Asoldier teaching some kids
Celebrations on the transition day on the28
Celebrations with transition day on the28
Celebrations on the transition day on the28.a
Graduation day
Graduation day1
Graduation picture
Man of the future,Iasked him for apicture and he accept.
New design for the buildings.
Newbuilding in the Iraqi streets.
New building in the Iraqi streets1.
newstyle for the private building.
new style for the private buildings here1.
Ministry of agriculture rebuilding.
New styles of building in Baghdad.
Al-rahman musk one of the biggest musk's in Iraqand the regain.
Private Car fashions in the center of Baghdad.
Alrubaie street in Zauna in Baghdad,supermarket.
Traditional buildings.
Preparing to celebrate.
woman implores in work.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Congratulation America.

This is a deep and warm feeling from free Iraqi people to the nation of freedom ,on your independent day ,wishes you all the best.
Also Congratulation one the starting of the freedom tower, you are an inspiration for all meanings of freedom.
Hope to see Iraq on the same line.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

A massage from a friend .

This a massage I resaved from one of my friends ,actulay she was one of my college Group we were together in the college of engineer ,architecture department ,I remember all the details as it was yesterday ,we were sex persons always together ,Usama ,Ibrahiam ,me ,Asieal ,Maha ,Rana ,I know that Usama is in Germany now and Ibrahiam is still in Baghdad and I see him almost every day ,Asieal got married and she is in UAE ,Rana is still here and I saw here before a week ago ,and I told here that I got a website talking about Iraq ,and she was happy for that and she love to join us ,and she contact Maha ,and there is what she send me .
Hi Sarmad:
What a nice opportunity to contact you again after all these years, I hope you de well.
I knew about your site (Road Of a Nation), I went and search in internet as soon as Rana told me about it , and I was so happy for you to do that , I appreciate a lot your efforts to reflect a good idea for the Iraqis to all those who will read your site.
It’s evident that you pay a hard effort to reach this, but it’s deserve, our country and our reputation as Iraqis deserve all that.
Again I appreciate your well done, although am completely against your point of view to accept the Americans as a friends , liberators and savior , they are nothing just invaders, with all there tries to be nice with us , but finally they are not really concern about the Iraqi’s problems and sufferings, sure it wasn’t there cause to come here to Iraq.
am not saying that because I hate them , on contrary I contact them , and see how much they are civilized people, humanitarian people maybe more than us !!! and what am saying it’s not only emotional reflects because I adore my country and I was hurt for all what had happen to Iraq, but throw my work along the previous period in the different govern rates of Iraq I saw many evidence assure that , many remarks show nothing just invaders was waiting all that time to get inside this country , and we all know why , so I will not ask them as you to stay , because they already were planning to stay along , and they are doing there best to create the causes for there being here in Iraq (to rescue the poor Iraqis from terrorism) !!!.
They will not leave Iraq simply like that.
Whish you the best , and again congratulation for that, we all whish to participate to build a new , free, civilized Iraq.
Maha Abdullah.

Thursday, July 01, 2004


I got a friend meet him lately ,he is an Iraqi citizen ,he was born In Iraq ,but he as many Iraqis was chasing from "Saddam" regime ,and they run a way to "Iran" ,to live there and grow up there , in a strange environment ,with all the challenges ,and here he is after 26 year he is back ,to new Iraq ,to live in new Iraq and rebuilt it ,and he is very happy and optimistic about future of Iraq ,also he gout a lot of things to speak about it ,how he see Iraq after what happened ,how he lived in "Iran " ,so I have an idea to host him and do some kind of questioning and answering ,I asked him ,and he was very excited to do so .
Hope you like that .
This will be on the "road of a nation forum " only .