Saturday, January 31, 2004

USA please stay

These words was written in one of the main roads in Baghdad (USA please stay), how wrote these words, and why! To answer this question, we must know the way that Iraqi’s are thinking, because the walls seams to be the way or the stile of expiration about what they think about. Well these days most of Iraqis are busy with one main thing that is transferring the power to Iraqis.
I am not go to talk about the way of the transferring. I think this thing was been clear from more than a way, so I am go to talk a bout the results from which we as Iraqis see it and how most of people see it. I talked to many people about that issue, deferent people, friends, regular people, students. I asked them many questions. The talk begins with asking them if it's good to transfer the power to the Iraqis? Most of the people totally agree that it‘s so important to do, so let say a bout (85%) agree with this step and the others seem they don’t agree.
Then I asked when you prefer to do saw? There was deferent Points of view about that question. Some of them prefer to do that right now without any delaying, and they based on that that the power should be in the hand of the Iraqi’s, becuse they can deal with complicated satiation like the security, which is the more important thing for the Iraqi’s right now, among many other things. And they believe that the transferring is the right choice, no matter how is the way of the transferring and they were about (30%).
Others people think that we should not rush things and we must take our time and study all the choices and pick the right one, and they represent about (70%).
My next question was, would you prefer to transfer the power to Iraqi governing council?
There was different answers, many of the Iraqis believe that the Iraqi Govern council couldn’t succeed in his job. Some people don’t blame the members and they say the do their best, but they had a lot of difficulties and they resaved a destroyed country and despaired people. And they need more time and help to fix the things, and they need to be given more authorities to do there work and they are about (35%). Other people think that the power should be transfer to elected persons not people put by the united state government. They mean the govern council and they say that the govern council members are not representing the Iraqi people and they are about (65%). I asked if it's important to do elections? Almost all of the Iraqis agree that there should be elections, but they disagree with each other for the right way and time for these elections. There are some people that say that we should do it right now if it’s possible, and to be more specific about that thing lets put it that way. Most the population is (sheaa) and they represent the south of Iraq and the fellow there spiritual leader (Alsistany) and they fellow the (fetwa: its mean when there is major problem to solve this problem they get back to there reference and that reference is the spiritual leader which he is the most wisdom and respectable person and he base on Islam rule to solve the problems beside his knowledge and wisdom)they think that we should have elections now with out any delaying if its possible and the thing its possible now . the other part of Iraq which represented in the middle of Iraq (which they called by the seniy triangle) which are most of them seni, they are against the elections now, and the say we got to get more time to prepare for this event ,and they say that the view is not clear right now, and there should be supervised by the united nations, and the united nations must do the best perpetration, and we wait some time if it’s necessary to succeed the operation. The other part of Iraq is north of Iraq, and north of Iraq was separated from central government during sadaam time and they established their own government. They are basically two major party in kourdstan and they are (united national party of kourdstan) its lead by (Mr.jalal AL-Talebaney ) and they based in (Solemaneya). And the other major party is the (republic party of kourdstan), and its lead by (Mr.msaood Al-brazaney) and they are based in (Arbill). And the last negotiation between the two parties they decided to united in one major government, and wait for the elections. The Kurdish don’t have problem with the elections, but they have problem about what they should elect about. The most important thing for them is that the country should be federal state, and they don’t want to be treated like a second degree citizen as they been tertian in sadaam time, and they ashore for all, that they don’t intend to separated from Iraq, and the don’t want to establish there own state. They believe in one united federal Iraq, also they don’t want a federal based on religion and they think that the geographic federal which is based on respect of all rights and respecting human rights is the solution for new Iraq. They are ready to give all the advantages which they got from 1991-2003 and be in one united Iraq.
I hope that I reach for you a close look for how the things go in Iraq today, but let see what we can get out as a conciliation for how my people think. You see most of the Iraqi’s agree that we most go through the election process but they don’t agree on two main things; when and how. Well from my point of view, I prefer to take more time before I go through this important step. I need to learn more about elections, and who I elect, and how I elect and why I should elect A or B or C. I should know more about the persons and there election lists and how are they and where they come from and what they represent for us. The most important thing is that we should have a strong constitution, and we got to take our time to do it. I know that will take time and a long time also. But why people in USA and the rest of world take their time, I mean the USA put in their own constitution in 100 years, and the world aspect from us to put it in ten days, one year, whatever. We need time. Iraq now is like a sick person he is recovering and he need time and treatment, our Iraq is like a newborn child, needs time to learn things, and do not forget that we want, new beginning right one depends on strong base’s and we need all the help to do so. The people should learn how to except each other opinion, and except the realty of thing, also there is some basics important thing to be consider which is the security side, if we want for our self elections, we must firstly control the security side. I see the security side is a very important side for us, because there is so many people do not like this important step towards democracy and freedom. We have the regime members, we got Al-Qeyda members and we got the Neighbors.
Yes. Our Neighbors. And let us say all Neighbors. Without any exception, its not good for all those people if Iraq be free and democracy and they don’t wish the united states to succeed in the job in Iraq. They are all afraid that their turn is coming to them and it’s coming sooner than they expect. So they still want unstable situation, also we should know the exact number of the Iraqi people, you might don’t know that when sadaam regime collapsed, all the borders were open, and a large present of those who want to fight a genets the Americans troops came in through those borders, and they still came in and mostly from the Sierra and Iran, so we most account the exact number of the voters. And will the Iraqi’s have the ability to except the result, and if he lose, he will acccept that, and what will be the reaction’s, and the more important thing how will support this elections is it the united nation or the collation. But the major thing that all the Iraqi’s are agreed about when I asked them, should the USA troops go a way from Iraq immediately? All those I asked agreed and insist that the collation forces by the USA command should stay. And when I asked about the reason, they say we cant do this alone and we cant without USA help to do so. Also we don’t see that there is people could except loose, and the most important thing that we have Neighbr. How have their interest and their own agenda or plan for Iraq, and we cant now face all these challenges, without the untied state or the national community, and we will be greatful if they do so.
These were the answers of number Iraqis which I talked to them the past days, I hope that I put you in the picture of Iraqi’s delay interest, and please let me know if there is any thing I can help with.


Sunday, January 25, 2004

We should publish our joys, and conceal our griefs

Local leaders and coalition forces work together.
For many years , residents living along the Tigris river in the saeda section of Sindabad have dreamed of having ruining water in their own homes .now , with the help of the Sindabad neighborhood advisory Council (NAC), sixty–five homes in the area have at last satisfied their thirst.
The project began as a suggestion by members of the Sindbad (NAC) and grew into a comprehensive vision to bring water to the area . the Sindabad NAC approached coalition the first hurdle in providing the water was finding all of the water main breaks west of highway 6, between the Al-Rasheed Military Base and the Sindabad neighborhood .the construction team succeeded and with the help of Iraqi engineers they were able to fix several breaks.
The next task was digging a passageway through a levy along the river in order lay a water pipe that would reach the sixty-five homes on the other side. Digging proved a challenge because the river’s watershed ran away from the riverbank toward highway 6. This meant that the team had to dig almost to the base of the 13-foot levy in order for the water to flow to the other side. Challenging though it might have been the team was undaunted and worked continuously with this complete workers proceeded to put in place a new water pipe al lowing the houses to tap into the water line thus giving the houses water for the first time ever this project led by the NAC and supported by the Baghdad Water Authority ,is a great example of the new Iraq government in action. Through cooperation and hard work the local government achieved their goal of serving the community by bringing of water to those who have never had it.
Another great job this time established on the base of cooperation between the locals and the coalition, great work that you see every one sharing together, these great days, working and serving the community new words were absents to Iraqis who live in dark spot .the basic role that you must understand and believe it, is that you live to serve one person (the great leader) or serve yourself.
Community: there is no such word in the life. I don’t want to say that it was the fault of anyone. It was difficult time, and believe me I don’t know how we passed it .we reach to a time that we see the wrong thinks happened in front of us.
But we couldn’t do or even say anything because if you talk or do anything you will face the law. Law great and huge word that makes the world live in peace but which law and who put this law, God, or any person, if it’s God’s law we will obey it and we will be asked from the God whether we are right or wrong, but if this law is putting in a way to serve one person ! must we obey it? You can answer this simple question, but very hard one to me. Sadaam was using famous phrases about many subjects, but he was saying them and obliging us to do like what he says. We couldn’t dare to say, if that was good or not, but we must obey. And one of these phrases e.g was about law he seas (law is a flexible word that we can use it as we want) the word (we) means he (sadaam), we reached a time that the Iraqis have to worship (sadaam), he is every where you go in your life. pictures every where on streets on schools, colleges, homes, TV just every were and if you talk badly about God, you allow to do sow, but you cant speak badly about sadaam. I told you it was horrible days. Even when we were getting together, were we useing to say if Iraq, liberated one day from dictatorship the first think that we need in our life are shrinks, psychologists, because of what we see. The reason that I talked about this specific project because it based on spirit of cooperation, the sprite that we lost it for many years, I hoping to keep good work and we have a lot of things to be learn. You have the right to be proud of your troops.

Sarmad Faraj

Saturday, January 24, 2004

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Friday, January 23, 2004

Rebuilding our country

Primary schools.
Smiling and laughing ,happy school in grades one through six, returned to tow newly renovated primary schools in the abu ghraib area of western Baghdad in November. a team from the 490 th civil affairs battalion ,managed renovations and repairs at the tow schools, Ruqia primary school and Al-Fayha primary school.
More than $80,000 was spent on the repairs and renovations at the two schools CPT thane Thomspoon , helping out with this project explained. The Rruqia school project cost $34.000.
Immediately following the main combat phase of the war, both schools –just as with most government buildings- were completely looted.. All of the furniture and requirement was stolen from the schools. Even the doors and windows were removed taken .All the light fixtures, wiring and switches were taken out of the walls.
All that was left were the walls and the roof the same thing happened at most other public buildings in Baghdad .so many of the schools were unusable so the coalition became involved
In getting these facilities repaired, replaced or renovated in both cases, the work included masonry, grounds work ,windows and glass ,interior finish ,plumbing ,electrical, plaster and paint. In the cases of the Ruqia school ,about $1,800 of project funds went toward school supplies ,such as office furniture ,etc. in the Al-Fayha school Thompson said we raised the exterior wall (a wall around the property ,similar to a fence ,abut it is a wall of stone) an extra meter as it had a very low wall that the headmaster thought was a security risk. Raising the wall cost approximately $7.800 of the total ,Thompson said.
The commander of the 490 th civil affairs battalion .
,lt.col. Donna Hinton , cut the ribbon at the grand reopening of the Ruqia school and said
“This is a happy day for every one .the children are happy to have a good school to go to ,the school staff are appreciative and the soldiers are satisfied that they have accomplished a great wok here ,its also good for the community and the whole area.
Lt.col. Leopold Quintas commander of the 2 nd battalion of the 70 th Armored Regiment
3 rd BCT, came and cut the ribbon for the grand reopening of the Al-Fayha primary school.Thompson ,”It was decided that it would be good to paint the school in colors that are different from the usual desert tan colors, which is the natural color of the stone used in constriction ,of al most every building in Baghdad .
“so we told the school official to pick any color as long as it is pastel color. As a result ,the Ruqia school was painted blue inside and out , while the Al-Fayha school is now pink on both intrior and the exterior.
Great job there by the soldiers defrent view for us as Iraqis to see the army building schools and working hard to let the children happy what we learned in saddam school that army is only for wars and killing and we where avoid the militaries where over they are and what I am seeing now that where aver you see an American soldier you see many kids around him greeting him playing around with him and he is happy with that and in the seam time he is afraid for there lives that some of the terrorist through a bomb targeting the collation solider whit out any Morse happy that he killed an American solider and some kids saying we are resisting the enemy ,I wonder which enemy he meant the soldiers which relies us from the dark world we been in it from the dictator regime from killing and stolen unsent people live from the one’s how are rebuilding our country our from the unsent children’s which are reacting through there motions and they are seeing that solider rebuilding there big home and there paradise there school and protecting them from bad guise I wonder why the didn’t resets saddam and his regime he was the real criminal he’s the one how worth to be resisted saddam novae think in his to rebuilt any think belongs to the Iraqi people not because he didn’t have the money as he claimed all the Iraqi’s and the hall world now that Iraq is a very rich country but he was saying we are always in war with the devil and we must spent money in necessary thinks and I wonder if rebuilding a school is not a necessary think and you can see above the coasting of rebuild a school $40.000 for new school making the children happy we don’t have the money but he had the money to build those huge palsies each one of theses palsies cost billions and when you ask from where we got the money the simply sad they are people palsies people palsies how came it’s people plaices and they cant use it and they event not allowed to pass near them and you cant point at them and the don’t now how he build them he build it from Iraqis money and how come if we don’t have the money we have each year to do a huge incurable birthday for your high nasty and spending each year about 25to30 million’s and every thing is insane there we been whacking these events on the local TV (Al-Shabab TV it was owned by Oday the older sun of Saddam) and how the quaky cost million’s and the brut sheaf’s from France and all that we don’t have the enough money to rebuilt a primary school saddam was using the schools to great a military society teaching him nothing Niles wars and fitting and you most never think in your self you most always thinking of our believed leader how go to lead us towards glory and victories and I wonder which glory and how’s victory all these year these schools been a military insinuations and not education insinuations and each summer holiday turned to basis to turned those kids on weapons instead of learning something useful I was shocked wen I turn on the TV to see small unsent kids gearing machine gun and shooting this is a very dingier think I said to my friends but now one heard me because we couldn’t do any think and saddam destroy three main institutions are basic for civil society ,education ,health, low &jest , so he can roulade Iraq the Iraqis were so educated and moderns but he destroy all these institutions and fight all the educated by putting them in Persian or even exit them if they don’t agree him .
And you see now we are with help of coalition rebuilding our home and as I tooled you we do our beast to keep on and as you see we are beginning new refresh start and the new colors we are using to express our new beginning the people begin to use a new colors they want be allowed to used before there live was black & white our to be exact it was only black but that change now it is colored thank to gad to the collation and free world weave been release and we will keep towards freedom and democracy and no one will stop us now it’s a great moments for our country and for my self as many Iraqi’s and friends it’s a tremendous experience you might born with democracy and I am happy for you but I am living the born of democracy in my land and I will finish the way and no one will stop us I will keep doing good works I will keep rebuilding my country I will keep correcting the wrong thinks I will except all opinion I will stand a giants the bad persons I will stand agent the terrorize I will never be a fried from any thing from any one they challenge and we except the challenge I will never stop even that cost my live to have a free democracy land that is the minimum price and I will to pay for it .
God blasé you all out there fitting for freedom
All beast
Sarmad faraj
New Iraqi person
Baghdad ‏2004‏-‏01‏-‏23

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Hi every one how are you I hope you are fine so happy to get back to write a gin it was a busy week it was the examination in most Iraqis college al thou it is very difficult situation with all this things happing inside new Iraq and difficult circumstance to study we all now that study needs a lot of consternation and hard work but how you could you aspect from any one to study and ask him to pass examinations when you don’t provide form him the minimum circumstances a mine we do have tests know to the students and its so hard to control the situation inside the class and especially when the question is a little difficult saying that we couldn’t prepare good for the examination because we didn’t have enough time to read most of them are working to sport there families and we don’t have electricity most of the time when you heard them speaking like that you feel that there is something wrong and you can be despaired and its very critical situation so what can you do ,I asked them what the solution in your opinion they seed let us cheat to pass the exam (you might do not know Iraqis there is a strange composition inside that ordinary Iraqi person with all these difficult situation they been through but they steel stick with these tradition principal inside each one of them and if you can reach this part you will see that you are deleing with deferent person ) so I said to them do you think by letting you cheat will solve the problem and when you pass this exam will end the problem you most know that life is examinations and tests so you have to be through them ,when you speak to them like that you see them that’s true and we wont to be man’s our country can depend on us and teak responsibility and I always say to him our country needs you don’t let him dawn we most help each other to help our country as they say (don’t ask what your country did to you, ask what you did to your country ) and that is the great think when you see the dizzier and hope in there eyes to go on and keep good work ,and I remember my time in college I was in college of engineering architectural department and it was in 1992 and I was very exciting to be there having new friends have new life we was very happy but we was living the worse time I ever been lived I don’t wont to be so poring talking only about tragedy thinks but believe me that a copy of an Iraqi person I mean I was born In 1976 for letter Iraq(saddam) been through 8 year wear and after 2 year Iraq(saddam) invited Kuwait and after that there was an agilely and horrible infer sanctions on Iraqi people for13 year with out mercy and we was in this time in college fitting for our selves and our dream’ s I remember that we was in very difficult time I hope from god that no one be through it we didn’t have enough money to cover my expenses in college and it was the time when they release my father from work and no one was working beside him to support us it was a challenge for me its time to leave my college and work to help my family and that was the road that many young Iraqi’s did it to support there families and they begin to say what’s the use of education what ‘s the meaning of being a doctor or an engineer when you can not live but thank god I didn’t have to leave college my uncle afford all my costs and that was for me a gift from god and a second life chance so I had to stick with it and to prove to all how say education is not a risen to fight for it I loved college and I enjoyed every single moment there we was dreaming and fling with our projects and arching about which one is beast we was drawing in every think newspaper old sheets and grating our on models and we was always looking for new things and our professors were trying hard to keep us in update information a bout architectural and architecture around the world and we was listing to them cheerfully but thinks begin to change after second grade
It was my first participation in a contest in the department to design out side widows frame and I remember using (monotype style design) it’s away depend on upstroke the writing litters and have shapes from them and I was a mooing 10 choose us as wining designs and the told us we gone work in special projects related with presidential projects and you have to do a lot of hard work to stay on live
These projects was related to saddam directly and we was working as groups with our professor and he is for us our leader he teach us how to design and how to deal with concept of our projects he was western educated we was very admire of him he was very respectable man I remember how saddam treating him saying to him that you no nothing from design and how he was insolating we was hurting inside our self for what happened with all what saddam was doing to education and educated persons but he couldn’t let them go away because he need them to decorate and correcting his horrible mistakes agents all kind of human but our professor couldn’t resets any more and he Imogene to run away from the big prison of saddam like many other like him and we was seeing our best fourteen education fortune run way out side our country living every think behind and the new profess which come because they are loyal to saddam not to education speaking how should we show in our work that saddam is a brave leader and he’s leading our nation to victory and greatness the most fanny and also sad in the seam time that Iraq (saddam) have on of the highest victory arc in the world and he’s one of the most countries the world beaten in each war saddam been through ,when I graduate from college the offered me to work in the presidential projects I managed to not work there althea the provide a very good income but also you have your life in the other hand.
I am sorry if I cause you a headache I gonna stop an tell here graduation day its about 3.00 pm Baghdad local time its get in late her and my PC church is getting low and I will tray to get back and continue soon if you wish to hear more.
I hope you injoy your time.
Sarmad faraj

Dear readers I will publish my article today and I am so existing to do saw I was writing last naight Intel late time and I gam to college today and I had some time to redesign my blog and do some linking to other’s blog and I add photos but I will publish the photos so soon but I must go know to the examinations class and I will publish in tow hour its know 9,55 Am Baghdad local time and the exam start in 10.00 AM-12.00AM Intel then good luck for all
Sarmad faraj

Friday, January 09, 2004

A Guest

Dear readers.
I am very grateful for you caring and support to me you bring me to life again because I am so happy to write about my nation and all what’s happened to Iraq. I am more happy that you are listening to what I’m saying promising you to keep on and I am trying to rise up my blog space so I can show you what’s happened by pictures and movies which I take with my camera where ever I go. I want to publish an article by a very respectable man I met in an Amman confrerence which was held in Amman in the name of (Iraq-a nation to be rebuilt). He is an assigner architect and he has lived in the UK for 40 years now and this is his description to his motherland. I hope you enjoy his description for Iraq and how he’s seeing it.

Dear Sarmad,

As an Iraqi born British Consultant Chartered Architect I wish to thank you for your Website. I wish also to thank those who communicated with you and showed their goodwill towards Iraq. Happy New Year to all of you and my condolences to the Families, Relatives and Friends of those who lost their lives to create New Iraq so that the future generations of Iraqis may freely live and prosper under the Rule of Law.

This is a golden opportunity for every decent human being to help rebuild the land between the two great Rivers the Tigris and Euphrates. The Cradle of Civilisation, and catapult it into the Twenty First Century and Beyond.

We should all help its people to start the healing process sooner than later as they emerge from their bad dream.

I could see the enormous potential for creating and recreating the glory of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, in a new and Modern Internationally recognised and respected ( Iraqi ) futuristic style of Architecture, Town Planning, Urban Designs, and Landscape Architecture. It should have empathy and sympathy to what is already there, but using modern technology and marrying it with the old forms and proportions and scales of the past.

It should be carried out in a democratic and free atmosphere, with new design concepts, free speech and writing, where the newly freed creative talents of all of the people of Iraq will flourish, be harnessed, helped, directed and guided in an honest and transparent way, to do good for the future generations, of Iraq, its neighbours and its region and the rest of the world. The rebuilding of Iraq should take into considerations that it must learn to live in peace with itself and its neighbours and to play its part in a safe and secure World through its rightful place.

The CPA and the immediate future Governors of Iraq could leave a genuine and proud legacy shining like a beacon, showing the way to others, that will be historically the envy of the rest of the Middle East for a long time to come.

I pray to God almighty that I will be in a position to help achieve that in my small way without fear, intimidation's, blackmail, imprisonment and threats.

I will be more than happy to guide those International Designers and Architectural and Engineering Consultants who would be entrusted with projects to shape its spatial concepts and solve its Planning Architectural/ Engineering designs, technological, health, educational and accommodations needs etc.

Iraq as I know it, is a great place, to live, to work and be inventive and creative in. the place of the two great rivers, the Lakes , the beautifully snow covered Mountains, the Desert, and the Fertile plains in between, The Marshes and part of the Gulf. it is unique. it is different to anywhere else in the Arab World.

The Geology of the place made it rich in building materials, such as brick, stone, rock, granite, marble and clay, and sand and aggregate, with minerals, wood, from its palm trees and the mountainous region.

The climate is excellent, you can distinguish the seasons so easily. you can ski and skate in the Northern parts, Swim in the Rivers and Lakes and in the Gulf waters and paddle in the Marshes, and of course go to the Desert all in three days.

Historically, Iraq has developed its own distinctive character and especially its own Architectural styles and its own specially suitable Town Planning theory and Landscape Forms, over the Centuries of successive occupations by outside forces and locally produced rulers. It is rich.

The land is shaped as much by history as by natural forces. If you look around you, you will see building styles found only in this part of the Arabian world. Its ancient people erected standing stones, and mud bricks Monuments, built fortified hill top forts, and enclosed the fields and built walled cities, harnessed the powers of the water and the sun's rays, used the irrigation's system of today. The Capital city of Baghdad has gates, their influence is still to be seen today.

During the heights of the Arab Empires, there was a rise in population, the building of Villages, and Towns, and some of the fine, Churches, Synagogues, Temples, and Mosques and other minority religious worship places.

Many of the prominent features and patterns in the landscape are Hundreds and Thousands of years old, so they deserve special respect. Iraq has a fine heritage, any respected architectural historian such as the British Dan Cruickshank could tell you that. There are important landmarks, and should serve as reminders of the lasting quality of what should be developed in the future.

The last century has had significant impact too. The scattering of the Palaces, and Country Houses, the Religious monuments and Shrines, the Villages and wonderful Gardens, the Parks and the coming of the Railways, the Motorways, Airports, and finely Engineered Bridges and Dams, and the expansion of many Towns, they all add layer by layer to the richness of Iraq.

This is a great opportunity for the newly elected future Governments of Iraq to set up considered Laws and Regulations for Conservation areas, to locate, preserve and maintain areas of outstanding Architectural beauty, to provide strong protection of listed buildings and lands as being of special Architectural or Historical interest.

There should be strongly supported Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Laws specifying buildings and Structures as being of National importance worthy of protection under the Law, especially Buildings or Structures from prehistoric, or recent, Domestic, Industrial, Commercial, Defence, and Institutional buildings.

There should be Laws to govern all new buildings, major alterations and expansion of existing buildings and changes of use of land, untainted by corrupt Planning approvals system.

There should be planning policy guidelines, through which the issuance of a series of advisory notes produced by a competent and honest Law abiding Authority for the whole country, covering a wide range of issues, and these should be intended to provide, clear, more accessible and more systematic advice and contain sections for the New Planning and Building Regulations Laws.

Above all, and in order to make the Country be labelled as humane one, there should be newly created Laws to help the Disabled people with an easy access to Public Buildings and Places which provide goods and services to the Public with easy access to toilets facilities, to be called Disability Discrimination Laws. The legacies of the past three wars left many people of all ages and sexes injured, disabled and maimed who are and will be discriminated against unfairly, and these should be treated with respect and be cared for through the designs of the new Buildings and the forceful alterations of the existing ones.

Yours sincerely
Hameed Abid

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Dear Sir...

I am so happy seeing all these reaction about Iraqis lives and how the are living and to be honest, with you I myself didn’t expect these results. I see myself don’t have the real time to write about what's happing inside Iraq because of the type of my work. As I mentioned, before I worked in the college and in the afternoon I work in a private company, you see that I am out of time. But when I see the media and all what they are doing trying to get there material without any responsibility towards the code of ethics, I see how it's important that I write the situation from my point of view and I promise all those who are happy for my country that ill be there for you my country.
Thanks all...