Thursday, October 04, 2007

Who should we blame?

I really asked my self this question for million times a day, who should we blame?
Whose fault is that? I try my best to find an answer but it was to hart to find it by my self ,I couldn't find any one to blame him after all ,I hope that if you guys have an answer or thought that you want to shear it with me I will be very happy to hear from you guys .
I thing that we all have the responsibility to find out what went wrong and try to fix things at least in our way by show it and discusses it ,I know that you guys can help us ,and we can help our self too ,but as we all agree about it , I thing that there been wrong things ,and there is still mistakes ,and there is things that we can fix or at least keep it good as it is ,yes there been a damages ,but if we can do something lets do it .
Things start to get worse after the first year of the war ,when the interest of the foreign countries and the parties and the political movements start to invite our country, and the wrong ideas start to show up by the name of democracy ,one of the sides that take part a big part of the wrong situation in Iraq was by the parties that show on the Iraqi site, every thing went wrong as soon as they been in charge of things ,yes for sure for unknown people ,people with out experience ,and they don’t know what they want for the people ,who should they represents ,also the most dangerous thing that they came to be on charge or in this position only for there own interest , for there party interest ,they never aver take care for what the people need ,what is the most important thing for the families ,the children's ,the young people ,there own interest was to stay on power ,and after we had one man controlling our life's ,we have a bunch of them now , this is one of the reasons that I think is causing all this misses.
And I think that the situation in Iraq , damage the picture of democracy all over the world .