Saturday, July 03, 2004

A massage from a friend .

This a massage I resaved from one of my friends ,actulay she was one of my college Group we were together in the college of engineer ,architecture department ,I remember all the details as it was yesterday ,we were sex persons always together ,Usama ,Ibrahiam ,me ,Asieal ,Maha ,Rana ,I know that Usama is in Germany now and Ibrahiam is still in Baghdad and I see him almost every day ,Asieal got married and she is in UAE ,Rana is still here and I saw here before a week ago ,and I told here that I got a website talking about Iraq ,and she was happy for that and she love to join us ,and she contact Maha ,and there is what she send me .
Hi Sarmad:
What a nice opportunity to contact you again after all these years, I hope you de well.
I knew about your site (Road Of a Nation), I went and search in internet as soon as Rana told me about it , and I was so happy for you to do that , I appreciate a lot your efforts to reflect a good idea for the Iraqis to all those who will read your site.
It’s evident that you pay a hard effort to reach this, but it’s deserve, our country and our reputation as Iraqis deserve all that.
Again I appreciate your well done, although am completely against your point of view to accept the Americans as a friends , liberators and savior , they are nothing just invaders, with all there tries to be nice with us , but finally they are not really concern about the Iraqi’s problems and sufferings, sure it wasn’t there cause to come here to Iraq.
am not saying that because I hate them , on contrary I contact them , and see how much they are civilized people, humanitarian people maybe more than us !!! and what am saying it’s not only emotional reflects because I adore my country and I was hurt for all what had happen to Iraq, but throw my work along the previous period in the different govern rates of Iraq I saw many evidence assure that , many remarks show nothing just invaders was waiting all that time to get inside this country , and we all know why , so I will not ask them as you to stay , because they already were planning to stay along , and they are doing there best to create the causes for there being here in Iraq (to rescue the poor Iraqis from terrorism) !!!.
They will not leave Iraq simply like that.
Whish you the best , and again congratulation for that, we all whish to participate to build a new , free, civilized Iraq.
Maha Abdullah.


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