Sunday, May 30, 2004

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it’s the forth day here, every one is saw sad ,we lost for of our staff ,for young Iraqi civil engineer ,they been killed ,when they were coming back form the site ,four young man ,great guys ,only what they did , try to rebuilt there country ,and work hard for the future ,to see a new country a free one , I hope that God forgive them ,and God bless them.

Questioning Satan.
After the death of our collies every one decided to keep on the way ,and walk through all the dangerous ways ,we are shore now from any time ,that freedom price is so expensive and we are willing to pay ,and its worth it ,we gout a lot of thwarting letters ,telling us that we are targeted ,and they will kill us ,if we worked in the new projects constructions ,but as I say ,we are decided to keep on ,and nothing will stop us ,every one now is responsible ,there is no exceptions ,yesterday our friends ,today me ,tomorrow you, we should stand together ,and we will win ,and they will loss ,because ,they been always losers .
Some of the questions I will post today are relating with some deferent issues ,but I wont first to thank “Tam” for the great job ,and there help was great trying to organize the questions and he answers in one page ,in the name of “Ask Iraq” ,this was a wonderful thing ,and all people liked here so much ,and in the name of all the Iraqis here ,we would like to thank you ,if anyone has any ideas that could help to strengthen the communication between the two sides, we will be happy to implement

1.some of the Iraqis are wondering ,why all the main contract was offered to major
American companies “Hillprtoon ,Bactilles,Parsial.” With out consulting the Iraqis .
2. Do thing these offers was some kind of a “Price” or a “rewards”.
3. If we spoke a bout an open market police ,and the competing between the companies so the costumer get the best , the “pentagon “ didn’t allow many companies to compete on the rebilling contracts “Germany ,France ,else.” How we can select the good won and we have only one choice ”take it or leave it”.
4. Many people here asking “why always “the American promises were more than there action .
See you soon

Thursday, May 27, 2004

New Iraq in five steps?

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many Iraqis are expressing skepticism about President Bush's promise to transfer full sovereignty to an Iraqi interim government at the end of next month.
This is a great moment for the Iraqis and they are awaiting this day,
June 30, with a lot of passion and excitement
this day is meaning a lot for Iraqi people ,anew age in Iraq modern history.
Every one is watching and waiting not only the Iraqis ,but the hall world , watching us ,and we think we should prove to all ,that we deserves that ,we deserves to be free .
Yes ,we gout a lot of people who won’t us to fail , and fail ,but we will keep our way ,this is our target ,and we will succeed ,will the help of all good people .
This was some of what I felt when I heard” Mr.JWB speech” ,also I spooked to many Iraqis ,and they were having defrent views about the speech , Most said that they did not watch the speech live, but they are aware of the promise the president repeated in the speech, to transfer sovereignty to an interim Iraqi government by June 30.
And people got a lot of question ,that they won’t to be explain for them .
1. Will there be full control of everything by a sovereign Iraqi
government -- I mean security, oil, etc.?
2. Will the Iraqi government be able to deal with any situation
without interference, such as stopping military operations relating to the
3. Mr. GWB said he will help to build a "new Iraq" through five steps,
but he didn't explain what the strategy is to deal with very important
issues like security and the rebuilding process. He created more
questions without answering them.
4. Mr. GWB says they will destroy Abu-Ghraib prison. Do you think
that, by removing this prison, you will remove the bad reputation and all
that happened lately?
5. If the USA asked Arab countries to send troops to Iraq under a
united Arab umbrella, and they refused, what would be your reaction?

these are some of the many questions ,and I will try to post more soon.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Some answers from Iraqis.

Dear readers thank you all for responding to our questions and help us to understand each other more ,and we will be happy to answer some of your question so you can also under stand us more .
These are some answers to these question I was asked from some American people.

Q.A new poll we're being shown over here states that almost 90% of Iraqis want us gone. Could you please explain this?
There is a lot of poll ,being done ,maybe almost every day ,and the results of these poll depended on the time of these poll ,some of them happening where ,there is some hard times here in Iraq ,and people maybe as an reaction for these things say deferent things and these poll stays not correct .any way most of the Iraqis wont the forces to go ,also that what your troops wont ,they are here to finish a job ,and when it will be finish they will leave ,and the Iraqis realize that there most be a time for that ,but not now ,that is what most people wonted here.

Q.Do you want us out at 'some point' or NOW?
This is a good idea ,and most of Iraqis wont that ,but first we should be abial to handle our on problems so we still need your help and your advice .

Q.We're being told that Al-Sadr's support is this true?
No ,Al-Sadr’s influence is too limited, and most of it related with his father heartache ,and the majority of the Shiites don’t believe in him ,and he represent very limited ideas and no one believe in him, only his followers, and his followers don’t have good reputation between people here ,and they are armed and aggressive .

Q.Are we being given a 'green light' to attack Al-Sadr's thugs in Najaf and Karbala by the Shiites?
weal ,this is a difficult question ,I don’t thing there is any one able to do something like that, but Al-Sadr's behavior lead the things towards this end ,and his acts but the hall “Marjeyha” and the Shiites in a critical situation , and he don’t listens to any one, even people who are wiser than him, and there is support from the same people which do the problems in “Fallujah” and they wont him to fight ,tailing him we will fight with you ,but what I see on the Iraqi street a huge disagree with him from people ,but people here jest can’t talk ,his followers ,are very danger ,and they might do any thing ,to heart you ,we think the coalition will deal with him ,in the only way he under stand ,and a little advice to the troops “they should deal with him carefully”.

Q.If we rid Iraq of Al-Sadr's thugs, at the expense of damaging holy sites, would that be tolerated by Shiites?
“they should deal with him carefully” what we meant by dealing carefully, Al-Sadr's don’t represent to the Iraqis more than he is an Iraqi man , but when this man is standing against the majority, then he will not be a help for us in this critical time, and
he relies that ,what he did lately, he hided in the holy city’s in Najaf and Karbala and fight from there ,trying to play on this sensitive tone, waiting form the coalition to make mistake ,so he can use it,what I wont to say these city’s do have special place in there life ,and I think the coalition are dealing ,very smartly with the hall issue.

Q.we really feel we're trying to be 'respectful and careful' to the point of not doing what is necessary, we do this because we don't know what kind of reaction we'll get. Will the average Iraqi pick up arms and fight U.S. forces if we come in and take out Al-Sadr and his thugs?
You see ,picking the Iraqis arms and fighting you is not ,a dissention will be made by some people ,the Iraqi view is so complicated than you can thought ,and this is the reason which is making any political dissention not easy ,and its not so hard also ,but it will need some kind of coordinating to lead us through the right way.

Q.I feel our leaders are sometimes uncertain of the sentiment amongst the Iraqi people, especially as far as Al-Sadr is concerned.
I don’t know about your leaders ,you might ask this question to them ,but what a bout or leaders ? this is also hard to me or any Iraqi to answer ,if you can you might ask them ,because people don’t see that there is people ,will have the calefaction to do saw ,and in these times we do need people ,can take the responsibility. Iraqi people thing about what happened between “Al-chalabi” and USA.
Well, there is two thinking thoughts here .people say’s that united state of America ,don’t have something call ,long term friendship “Al-chalabi” was yesterday a friend ,today he’s an enemy, and some people say’s the hall thing is only a play by both side ,to make “Al-chalabi” more popular and exactable to Iraqi people .

Q. What do people want from us to help Iraqi people ?
People ,won’t from you to give us more space to work together ,more respect ,more trust ,listen to more people ,don’t depends on certain people, try to fix your mistakes ,so you can own people ,you can own people here by only ,a good word ,try to involve more with people .

Q. whats our advice to the coming soldiers or troops ,which they will be in Iraq.
This is a small tip to those soldiers ,when you be on the Iraqi land , get people trust ,people love ,the believe in that you are he to release them from darkness and fear ,they trust on you ,don’t ignore them ,also try to put your live in America a way ,you are in Iraq ,I knew what I am asking is hard ,no one can live like someone else won’t ,but this is for both good.
I heard that the “Japanese” soldiers in “samawa “ city did a lot of things trying to be poplar and closer to people there ,they put a mustachio ,to look like people there ,and there women soldiers wear what we call here “Abyia” it’s a peace of cloth ,wear by traditional Iraqi women’s ,and they dance with people there “folklores” dancing called “Dabka” ,you need to do some social activities so people can feel you.

In the next post read “new Iraq in five steps”
You will read Iraqis response toward JWB speech ,and some of there questions.
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Monday, May 24, 2004

My question.

Hi every one ,hope you are fine ,today the final examination of the Iraqi colleges started ,it’s a great day ,I feel so happy doing my job here in Iraq ,and I like to help any way I can ,to rebuilt my new country ,as you know I am working in tow deferent places ,in the company ,and in the college ,yes ,it’s too hard trying to balance between them ,but i am so happy to do that ,and when the challenge is bigger and bigger I feel more determinant to keep on ,and I wish to do every thing I can to help people here beside my job ,I talk to them and explain things to people here ,to clear the view to them ,and I have so many friend here from all over around ,we agree about some issues and disagree about another’s ,but we tray to explain to each other “how” we can do a conversation and discuss ,and respect each other ,”respecting each other, and don’t heat each other“ ,discuss is a civil way ,and its our key to built good start to “new Iraq “ I don’t agree about so many things ,happing here from my people ,and there is a lot of bad things ,they do ,but this is a “behavior” and it will need more than time and hard work ,and so many things to fix the things on, I tray always to be optimistic about the hall things ,maybe there is a lot of good things happening ,but we can feel it right now ,but to begin feeling these things, we have to help each other, and what I see from my people here ,un frontally don’t seem working good ,people here ,do have real problems ,they don’t trust each other, they don’t help each other ,all the peoples thinking only about them self ,and more of descanting things ,and its so hard to change all those people ,in these difficult times, and I feel so sorry for my self ,because those people representing ,me ,they represent “Iraq “those are Iraqi people ,so many people asking me to leave “Iraq “ and go out and live my live ,the even keep telling me ,that your ideas and thought don’t match with our society ,and you cant establish your dreams here, I feel despaired when I see people talk this way ,I mean I call for all Iraqis “sentenced and doctors and prophesiers and workers” to stay in Iraq and defending him ,and rebuilding him ,and call for all those how lives out side Iraq to come Back ,and work with each other ,also I welcome anyone wont to help Iraq ,and I respect them ,this land should be the land where we can all live in peace and dignity ,I can leave any time ,I got a lot of chances ,out side Iraq ,and I got a lot of work proposals to work out side Iraq ,but I wonted to stay and help ,some times I feel like I am “jest a grassy mad man looking for something never will be able to see it “I always was impressed in the western culture ,and your way of life ,and I was always have non answered question in my mind ,maybe someone of you people can answer me .
Why you people always go forward and we get backward?

To explain the meaning of my question,why you people out there in the west developing your self and work hard to be the first one in every thing ,reassign the time ,to be number “one” and do your best and best ,and we who as they say have the great civilizations and the tradition and the great past ,we are in the seam place we’ve been before ducats ,and wears ,we get backward ,and get more foolish and stupid ,sorry if I bother you this was jest what I felt and won’t some one to answer me trolley .

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opinion from an Iraqi.

I am a civil engineer live in al-dhiloia region inj the north of baghdad nearly 100 km in our region the resistanc always shoot american forces but most families dont like that at begining because they thoght that the situation will ghange when american coming because the american speak so much about the democracy , liberity &rebuilding of our country but we didnot see any yhing just killing .blooding , of course American do something goom but its very little I am member in (RTI) organization and we explain for all people they have to wait what will be happen if they cooperate with coalition forces , some times i meet guys of american forces & ask them why the rebuilding of our country didnot start and they answer me because there is no safety . I wish to ask every body how American want iraq be safty and told every body in (iraq army , security ) go home these guys didnot represnt saddam & the other question how American can provide security for american oil company but for construction co. can not .
before afew days I heard from responsible guy of america that the guys who deals bad with iraqi captured the court will be opposite all journalist but we didnot see that actually begining more people have a good view about american but now . of course I like sarmad opinion in the situation which concern the iraqi people . my opinon about the resistance at iraq I thought this not the good time for it because I thought the bad things which american did it in iraq but at the same time they did well , & thougt we give them more time to see the future every body want to give any comment can send to my e-mail (

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Questions ?

Hi every, your answers ,is getting all over Iraq ,there is some Kurdish students asked for many copies of the answering questions so they took it back to “Kurdistan” and read it to people there ,also some other students took some of the copies to the north ,and I am happy that people care for your answers ,this maybe ,and I hope it will change a lot of things ,but this will take time ,today I will post more than question ,because I have so many questions ,and they became more and more day by day, and I got only from midnight to organize my questions ,some of the questions is in Arabic ,and I start my work in 7.30 Am until 8.00 Pm if am lucky ,but I am happy with that .
1. What’s your opinion in the “Kurdish” situation ,will the united state establish there experiment to the region ?
2. United state started the war on Iraq ,claming that Iraq is developing mass destruction weapons and chemical weapons ,where are these weapons?
3. Isn’t these weapons given to Iraq by USA ?
4. isn’t” Ben laden” an American made ,in another way “made in USA”
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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Question ?

Hi every one ,I am late toady ,I had a lot of work ,I am working on a new project, I am working on a new "jail" project ,it's a 2000 prisoner capacity, and there is a lot of activities ,there is a lot of new spaces added to this new design ,and I am so happy to work on this project ,this will provide a lot of information to me ,about the condition those prisoners live in, any way I will tell you more as soon as possible ,did you think in away we can speak to each other ,I can get a lot of people who won't to talk to you face to face and hair your opinion directly from you ,so if you have any idea ,please tell me maybe we can do something together.
this toady question .
Mr.JWB said once that we are in the medial of crusades war ,and we will win ,people think that these words mean that you didn’t come to Iraq to liberate it ,but you are here to fight our religion and identity ,you are here to destroy our believes and fight any one saying no to you ,so there is the question .
Do you believe that your war is a "crusades" war ?

Monday, May 17, 2004

Question of the day.

People here in Iraq wondering ,why? the pictures of “abo Gareb” prison showed in this time ,is there really big problems between the “pentagon” and the “foreign ministry” .

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Updating …

Hi every one ,hope you are all fine ,this is a special day to my ,today I started up my new web site ,this site is a gift from dear person ,I meet him through my blog ,Thank you “Norm” for all what you did to me ,for all your help ,step by step and day by day ,for your time and your care ,this the first time as an Iraqi person I found real and good friends, friends only what they wont ,to see me success ,actually I found a lot of deference when I started my blog ,and all the people I know them ,by there comments and emails ,made me feels completely in a new way ,feel so happy and joyful ,for all new friends ,and how I feel that I am doing something good to help my people any way I can ,thank you all for your help and support ,and I will try through my new web site to cover more Area from peoples opinion and thoughts ,I know this will need from me more extra hard work ,but I promises you that I do my best ,this is my case ,my massage ,and I commit to complete it ,also I wana thank all my friends here in Iraq ,who are helping me here .
You will see some new ideas in the web site ,there is the “interviews from Iraq” and you will see small movies ,interviews with people here in Iraq ,also I be happy to show some of your movies so people can here see it ,to hair the opinions and shear the ideas with each other ,also you will find “animation “ which you will find in it some movies for daily live of people and some events ,and I hope that we can develop more and more all what you see here is by our simple equipments and good people wants to help ,and I will be happy to here any new ideas or suggestions ,and work together to close the distains between people inside Iraq and out side nations.
So, toady there will not be any questions ,we calibrate opining day ,you can see some movies for questions I asked to people here in my work and people I met them in university ,hope you enjoy your time in the new site .

Friday, May 14, 2004


Thank you ,you answered all the questions in detail , and I got out of paper printing all the answeres ,but I am so happy with all that ,and I don’t believe how many answers I got through emails, my email is full, and the best thing that the Iraqi people are responding with away that I cant describe it every one asking for a copy ,its being like a newspaper and every one wont to read his question answer, also people begin to ask more question, like they found there missing answers, and the day I don’t give them answers they ask me ,why ,and I got a lot of questions ,but I got advice from some comments ,to ask some questions ,not all the questions ,so I got more detail answers, this is so good ,but this will not end our Koreas to now more and more about many questions we didn’t have any answer before .and I will do some interviews with people here to ask you there questions ,and have there opinions to you .
And this is some questions to you.
1. If there been an elections in Iraq, and a democracy government have been elected, and this government, asked the collation forces to leave Iraq, what will be your response?
2. If the elections lead to an extreme religion member “wins” will you accept that?
3. How you will help with the elections, what’s your part?
4. Are you going to support any one?

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Couple of questions….

Hello every one ,these are couple of questions ,hope you could answer us back.
1. why it toke you so long to remove saddam, you could finish this job in 1991.
2. Why did you ABANDON the Iraqi people in 1991, and will we do it again? .
Some people here love to here you answers.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Hello …

Hi every one , thank you all for your time , answering our questions ,I printed your answers ,and start to give it to all people around to read it ,and it was a great response from people here , also I got a lot of " e-mail" I translated some of them to Arabic and print it ,and give it to people here ,I my self don’t believe ,how people are getting these papers ,when I print some of them " your comments" and afford and deliver ,they need more and more ,also there are people comes to me asking me more questions ,and they wont more answers ,telling me that is great ,that we can hear from people all around ,about our questions ,and this will explain a lot of things and issues to us ,and lead us to under stand ,how each other are thinking ,and we wont to hear more from each other ,I am so happy that I could help to communicate between my people and you ,and I wonder if you wont to answer more questions to explain and clear the view to people here in Iraq ,and I will be more than happy to take there questions and posted to you ,then I get your answers to there questions ,pleas tell me if you wont to answer .

Monday, May 10, 2004

Hello America….

Yesterday I started a new job here in Baghdad in a construction Company ,and it’s a famous one ,and I am working in the Architectural department ,I have a lot of work , -- I can't even raise my head from my "PC", But I enjoy my work ,I am working now on new hospital with the "KBR ",and I steal several mints ,to post to you ,before I worked in this company ,I was asking people ,what is in your mind ,or if I asked you to ask the American people one question only one ,what will it be ?
Lets change the positions here and we will ask and you answer ,here is some questions for some Iraqis I meet them in my dally life ,and there is the most important questions they wont to here ,some answers ,and I wish to here your answers and I will ,print and publish it to the people who ask these questions ,hopping to clear the view to them :
1. Some people asking that there is something called "authority" and "law" ,and this is represented by the united nation ,America ignored all that ,and start the war ,with out considering the "authority" and "law" ,Why?
2. "Why are Americans sacrificing lives and spending so much money"?"what is the price?"
3. What you wont from Iraq and Iraqis?
4. Are you really good people and the situations got out of your hands or you won't that plan for all that?
5. The American could contain the Iraqi people by accept simple needs of the majority"make the Iraqi people content" ,why you didn’t that?
6. Are the American plantations dreams will be on the Iraqis blood.
7. Do the American look to the Iraqis as" masters looking at slaves"
8. Who should we blame if all that thing didn’t work out?
9. Are you really going to transition power to the Iraqis?
10. Do your troops go to leave Iraq ?when?
11. Do you think you won the war? or will win? or are winning?
12. Are you committed to Iraq?
13. How is your policy developed? or How is your policy going (meaning, is it successful)? or Where is your policy heading (meaning, how will it change)?
14. Do you allow us to help "rebuild" our country in our own way?
These was some questions from Iraqis ,and we wish to hear from any one from you to clear ,some issues

Friday, May 07, 2004

Ha, ha, ha.

Suddenly all people in seems take care of human rights ,and the hall Arabic world get out from his deadly silent ,and cry for the Iraqi prisoners ,those unsent an harmful people ,and those bad and bad Americans soldiers “torches” and “kill” those people with out mercy, ha ha ha ha ,I don’t believe how those people thing and ,I wont to ask ,why you people only thinking ,and like what make the hall situation worse, believe me , not all the people here agree with what happened and this was something your self don’t agree about it ,but there was people here seeing that we see more and more and more worse days in that prison on saddam hand, any way saddam time go, and he will never get back ,and we look forward to rebuild our country ,but also there is so many people here say that those people where criminals, and no one should be in prison unless he do something ,why this person is not Omer ,or wesam ,because they are good citizens and they stick to law ,also I speak with some people were in this prison ,the were suspects and they where ,saying ,the American solider treat us so well , and those people don’t represent the hall American ,we could might not ever know a bout the hall think ,but because they are a big deferens between what was happening in saddam time and now ,and the transpierce from the American side ,we know about the hall thing ,I wonder if the hall Arabic regimes allowed the human rights and the press to see what happening in there dark holes ,and what they call it prisons ,a very small example ,what happened in “Syria” and what the did to the “Kurdish” people there in the name of democracy ,and they are still killing people and catch them and put them in chelas, saying they wont to change the rule , and no one and I mean no one ,from these great and unset and human rights defenders channels ,speak abut that , do you no why ,because they said if we talk ,some people might use this agents the “Syrian” government and they might bomb “Syria” in the name of freedom ,as they did in Iraq ,ha ha ha ha ,saddam was a good guy and we were the bad guys and we heart him ,and he was treating us kindly and was afraid about they united of the Arab land so he killed those people who won’t to separate our beloved land ,also ha ha ha ha ,this way ,our free and great people thing in the middle east ,but jest a reminder ,if you wont to visited any one ,a friend ,or relatives ,in some of this “united homeland “ you need ,to pass through ,one of the most suffocated operations you had ever know ,there intelligent and there cheek points and there local agents and there local police and there ……… ,and you should have a dozen of proved “ID”and documents, and a lot of explanations to offer ,and at last they might agree for you to pass ,or they don’t ,because they don’t like something about you ,ha ha ha ha ,weak up people there is nothing call unite Arab home land .
Also I am very happy for this “pig” how calls him self “mojahed Usama ben laden” ,in his hole ,where he’s hiding there ,when he called for they Iraqi people ,telling he will give “15k.g” to any one kills “Mr.Premer” our “Mr Anan” our his representative to Iraq ”Mr.Ibraheme “ and this shows again how much those people afraid of democracy ,and what’s happening in Iraq ,but we say ,ha ha ha ha ,the Iraq people don’t deal with criminals ,and our home is not to”seal “ we will win and we will establish freedom all over our land and more ,we will teach our kids and there kids, and the hall next generations .
Living free or we die .

Sunday, May 02, 2004


Hi every one..
I wrote the previous comments ,as soon as I opened the comments page ,when I read there were some people asking about me ,and if I was okay, and I wrote this when I read some comments in the top , I really enjoy reading your comments ,but I don’t answer them all the time ,because I enjoy the way you responses to it ,and I like to read not to comment you back ,and by your comments ,I know how you act and thing towards us and our problems ,but I jest wont to clear some issues to you ..
* about my English and this seems a problem, and I am sorry if my writing was not understanding to some of them ,but some of the main reason is ,that we read English only from the 4th class in Iraq ,and its when we are 9 year old until 18 year old and most of the colleges here don’t teach in English except the Medicine colleges and foreign languages colleges and some engineering colleges ,and they teach in English ,the main fundamentals, and they don’t teach you how to communicate with peoples ,and you got if you wont to improve your skills by your self ,and even to do so you have to see peoples and speak to them to practice ,and this is so hard when you don’t have any foreign peoples and if there was ,you are not allowed to speak to them .
* as an Iraqi my “mother Tongue”is Arabic ,but because I love the western cultures ,a love to learn there language and communicate with them ,also I can speak “Kurdish “ language and I know some “Turkish “and I hope by time I will be better with your help.
3.the main reason that let me be interested in bloging that ,I fight here by these words on something is important to me than any thing “my country” and because we see as an Iraqis that we must help our country in these historical moments ,and that I believe that any one of you will do the same thing if he was in our position ,by these words we can express our feelings and thoughts clearly with out any effect from any one and we bring the things as we see it ,with out that profession propaganda of media ,and we don’t attend to harm or descries any one ,we just wont to show you what been kept over years in our deep self’s, where no one was hearing us ,where no one care about us ,and I cant wait until I fix my language to write ,as I said before I will write and express our ideas even if it take me to draw it .
* some people questioning that if the Iraqis blog where really Iraqis citizens and the are writing from Iraq also they ask if we represent Iraq and the Iraqi people and if the American admen striation was supporting us?
You might have the right to questioning ,and we have the right to answer I suppose .
Iraq was for long time a waste land and this land was occupied by one person and some of his followers, and no one and I mean no one dear to talk about his rights, our any right here ,so the way you see those blogs born one after one is just a sing of changing and people can reach there voice to the world and demand what they couldn’t demand before and this is something we should engorge it I suppose, and not be afraid of ,changing to good is not bad ,and as an Iraqi I ashore you that all the blogers are Iraqis ,I can feel them when they write and see the same sharing views and idea ,and no one of them will accept being questioned about his identity ,and no one will accept to seal his country ,all those people who are writing putting there life in to danger ,for better life and new one ,they love the change and ,I am one of them I walk all over ,and say that I write on the internet and I ask them if they have any thing to say or wont to say ,its not easy to do so ,especially here in Iraq ,there danger people and people who hate to be change ,and we might been killed for any reason ,maybe because a word ,but we keep done it because this is relate with our life and people got to under stand a lot of new things .most of the people liked the change here but there is something you must under stand that ,those people afraid to express there Pointe of view because the might been killed by those who hated the change and those who are holding the guns ,because they don’t know any other way ,but we will beat them down ,and the freedom will wine. I am an ordinary Iraqi citizen and I don’t wont more than having good life for all ,and to have that we got to help our self’s .
I was busy all these days with my new web site ,trying to show more things inside Iraq ,I do have some small movies showing the pointes of view to many people here ,I saw that it will better if I have some short interviews with people to have the opinion ,than I ask some one to write his opinion ,and I will try to reach to the Iraqis bloggers so people know we are here hope you find what you looking for .