Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Dear friends .
Hi ,hope that every one is ok ,I was away for some time now ,and the responsibilities just make away and away ,we have a country need to be rebuild and this is our job to build this new country to be available to all .
Friends ,most of you have an idea about my work and what I am doing here ,we do our best to help our self's and our people ,I worked hard to help ,and it wasn’t easy believe me working under these circumstances ,spatially in Iraq and in these day ,but we accept the challenge and kept on because we believed in that ,and we have faith in that ,I am not a big contractor and I am not a big business man .
And I don’ care to have the title but my reputation and my work will lead to me .
Any way dear friends I don’t want to bother you ,I am requesting help from you friends to help me our advice me.
There is my story .
I win a counteract with Parsons company for site assessment in 3 governors (Deeyiala –Anbar –Samara) and it was 29 site 9 for Deeyiala and 9 for Samara and 6 for Anbar and after the meeting and the desiccations we singed the contract and during the time off perpetration before we start the work we received an email telling us that they Moved one governor the Governor of Samara from the contract ,and when we asked them the told us that its not ready yet ,we told them but you but it in the bidding ,they told us that we are sorry this was a mistake ,we told them but this mistake is effecting on us and make us losses money ,because we didn’t thought this way ,it was apart of the deal ,and we account the whole site together for our profit ,and this will make us loses you should let us know from the beginning, they simply answered us (TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT) .
We was suppressed for there answer ,but because we already started the perpetration and spent money and employed people ,we didn’t want to stop and we pressed ,we worked hard to make this happen ,its not only the profit we get after although this is a right .
We started with Deeyiala ,and believe me we worked in the worst time for this area ,it was fighting and killing all around ,but we kept on ,and we finished 7 sites from 9 and delivered to them.
The problems is that Parsons did not pay me tell now any thing ,and what was supposed to be 40% I didn’t receive it ,although I send 5 invoices and keep going to the green zoon,asking for my money , and each time I go they change the man in charge and I got to start all over explaining to him the whole issue after all they told me that they already send the money , to the National bank of Kuwait because this is the way which the money come into Iraq ,and I have all the documents that shows that Parsons deal with me and receive the work and I have a memo from the Bank saying that we didn’t receive the money ,because of that I stopped the work and we don’t want to compleate ,because we lost a lot of money on that they are holding my money for more than 5 month now and when I ask them if this is acceptable in the stat .
Dear friends I ask your help and advice to let me know what I can do , please if you could help advice .


At 5:06 PM , Blogger Chaar said...

From what i have read the American post war administration in Iraq was full of scandals and corrupt money practices.

If i were you, i wouldn't do business with American companies unless you're absolutely sure you will get paid.

At 11:02 AM , Blogger Adi said...

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At 6:43 AM , Anonymous Chara said...

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