Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The American elections in Iraqis eyes.

Time pass on, before one year ago, No one care for what was happing in the world, the “united state of America” the most hateful enemy to Iraq, a phrase by “the e. Iraqi regime” no body was care about this phrase or ask ---why ---and how it could effect there lives ,this was a “red line” you can’t agro ,or even thing about it ,even knowing that most if not all of the majority were in deferent world ,”accosted” and “tiered” with what they forced in , no one was thinking more than how he could survive and make money to rise his children’s .
One year later a big “change” you can strongly feel it …where ever you go ,completely another atmosphere ,people now have some kind of sense towards the events and they are developing with it ,maybe it’s the deflection of been kept away , but I like it ,and I’m happy for it ,the Iraqis are speaking on human rights ,democracy ,economies ,foreign policy ---- that’s one good steep forward ,yes it’s the right way to begin and time will be the beast tool to improve it .
The most thing that I interested of, was… how people are recognizing and releasing that
“elections “ is the only and the beast way to solve all problems ,and they look forward to the American’s election’s as there “good” sample of democracy ,and with all things happens in your elections and the reassign towards the “Whitehouse” am not gone to speak in behalf of you ,you knows this more than any one ,but for shore, we will get a lot of use from your experiment ,and as I see most of the Iraqis wish to have the same way of elections .
many people here in Iraq ,are watching carefully ,what’s happing in USA presidential elections , “JWB” and “JC” ,who will wine , this part is belong to you the people of united state ,and you for shore go to back up--- how you find is the beast for you ,for the Iraqis what is more important than someone wine ,the “policy” for long term relating to Iraq ,maybe as many Iraqis things if “JWB” win he will have the same policy and keep on finishing what he already start .
But what if “JC” wins?
Is he intending to keep on?
Will he back of?
Is he intending to withdraw the troops?
Will he support ---new Iraq ---and comates towards Iraqi people?
Maybe this not his business ,and as they say the war in Iraq didn’t bring ”peace” to the world.
And the war keeps away from the main issue --- global terrariums--- and the war create more hateful feelings towards the American people.
And what happened in “Madrid” was a clear view of changing the decisions ---yes--- what happened in Madrid was horrible and awful ,but the way things went ,make us think that it is changing dramatically ,Spain have all the Wright to withdraw there troops ,and we respect there diction ,but this will be a victory to ---terrors--- and they be more than happy with this decision ,and this make them more insists and determent to keep dealing with things by there way ,killing and terries people to get what they are after ,and we have the wrights to see and understand where is thing go towards .
The days will discover things.
I jest wont to clear some things which make you understand some issues on the ground.
I thing the hall view will change in 1/7 when the power will transition to the Iraqis and the relation between the coalition and the Iraqis will change to another level, and the relation will not be between the occupied forces “according to the united nation “and the relation will be with an Iraqi government and friends countries .
Maybe many Iraqi people looks to the coalition troops as a occupied forces,and the coalition there salves say we are occupied forces ,but I will ashore you that many people here disagree with the idea of ---withdraw--- these forces from Iraq on the short term and they are releasing all the dangerous--- which exists--- and need to be take of, for example there is those who are standing ready to take over the city’s by using force saying that religion is or way of live” religious extremists” and there is deferent sides of militia with a lot of weapons and little of thinking ,there is peoples and countries which they have there own ---agenda--- to Iraqi site ,and all these and more are now controlled by the coalition force “American troops” and a diction like withdrawing the troops in short term will be with dangerous and series consciousness , maybe unknown ones .
So what I wont to say that the Iraqi people take with a lot of concern this elections ,I know f here in Iraq ,that there is so many people here support Mr. “JWB” this will not mean a lot for you ,but what most people agree on here the long term policy of dealing with all the changes and the circumstances ,especially what is relating with Iraq.
The hall situation is so complicate than you could see it on TV ,our even imaging it.
As an Iraqi, my opinion on the next government of the united state, if any one won “JWB” or “JC” I thing they will stay on the seam line of commitment towards Iraq for long term policy, its jest my opinion.
A gain I am so sorry for those brave man dead out there.
Sorry for there families for these loss.
Sorry for united state and Iraq for losing them.
Wish you all the best with your live, hope, peace and joy, full up your live.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Turn the channel?

Turn the channel these is now the most famous words here ,and most of the people are using it ,and it was said by “mark kemt” in a press conference ,when the journalist bother him with questions about the latest events ,and they was talking only about what they see on the “Al Jazeera” channel and they were insisting that most of the casualties were civilians ,and he was trying to explain that it’s not true ,but they seem that they didn’t wont to under stand ,so he said to one of them “Turn the channel “ and it seems that many people here are using it ,when they wont to change the subject, and indeed the press and specially “Al Jazeera” played an active side to change the hall feelings of the people towards the coalition and the troops and people begin to be afraid of the troops and the are avoiding them .
And you might wonder why people keep watching them ?
Simple answer because most of the people don’t know English well ,so they cant watch English news channels ,also people got nothing to do more than Waite to watch the news ,and most of the people are stick in there homes ,and waiting to see what will be happen.
And not only “Al Jazeera” channel is speaking against the coalition but all the Arabic spaces channels they are using the seem way, and it seem that this war is walking like they wont ,they succeed to make a very bad pictures on the collations ,and there are always witting for any thing to use it against them ,and if there is something good happening there are ignoring it, and avoiding it ,even if they do interviews with people they select there guests to make as more as they can from damages ,and move the peoples feelings and if we should support what happening there ,and they are going bigger and bigger and there turned to an organization here in Iraq ,supporting any action against the coalition even if it hearts the people of Iraq.
We asked for more than a time ,that we should deal with these channels ,and we were some times so happy when we heard that the “govern conical” closed there offices ,but it wont take more than days and we see them back and they start over and over ,and after all the hall thing is in the hand of the coalition ,and they seem that they enjoy that ,and they can simply closes there offices and solve the problem ,so you cant blame me or any one else watching these channels ,and you know well that we cant do anything to them and even there is a big risk for so many peoples to appear on there channels ,and say that we love America and we wont democracy ,it might end in grave ,also we cant hold guns and go simply to there head court and shot them , but they most funniest thing that all those who appears on the “Al Jazeera” channel they are staying in UK or USA and they are against the coalition and they ask they Iraqis and ignoring them to fight against the coalition and most of them are religious extremists and we watch the “Al Jazeera” channel programs and you see that they are recording from London and we see “Big been” on the back round of the programs ,you could find out why they keep doing that ,we are not alone now in Iraq and there is your troops here also and they are fighting trying to keep the danger away from you and your country ,and if you loss here you will find those people in you country fighting you there ,and I wonder why you keep those terrors in your land and give them political refuge like “Abo hamza Almasrey “and “Abd al bary atwan” and they speak about democracy and they encouraging the people to fight and kill as much they could from your troops,and they live in your country ,so the solution is in your side ,also “Mr.Bremer “ said before that there is a law for the press ,and if any one ignoring terries and support violence ,they will be churched and punished and put in chelas and others ,why they don’t take an action against “Al Jazeera” and don’t say the free media, because if you say that ,so you don’t have the Wright to say “don’t watch “Al Jazeera” also there is no station seem to show the things on deferent way ,even “Al horaa” which been open recently ,they seem they have a different type of puting out the things ,most of people don’t watched, and we are doing our beast to show our side ,and we find in the blogs the only way to express our self and show something from the truth .

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Is things got out of hands.(Part II)

The third day of the agreement between the “fallujah “fighters and the coalitions and the negotiations is still going on ,and the fighters stick on there demands to with draw the troops from around the city ,and we got kidnapers ,who they took different hostages ,and we got foreign fighters, religious extremists, criminals, and murders all over the country.
The IPC tray there beast to help the people and they are doing a great job, but they still have many difficult time ,the are not weal trended ,and they are not be armed good ,and there are peoples how accuse them that they are supporting the American forces ,and they will kill them ,and there is so many members been forced to the police because they are representing there “parties” or they are looking for any job to work and support there families ,and there is also so many peoples were been in prison and they are working in the force now ,because the coalitions looked for quantity not quality, and the coalition are doing there best to train them and qualified them ,and this is not an easy job, also they gut another problem the “equipment” and they are armed only by old machine guns and some bullets ,maybe the collations got there resins ,and the latest events show an exempla
And how many members of the PC turned against the coalition ,and they support what they represent ,and this is one of the most important issue which the coalition didn’t take on there mind ,and you said that by your self “we learn democracy ,because it born with us and we born to see it there “ and this was the problem in “Iraq “ things is deferent and you cant jest export “democracy” to any were ,I will speak about Iraq ,in Iraq and with all we see and happened though the history of Iraq in all time ,there been ignoring to any kind of “democracy” ,and people learned to live with out it ,and because humans neuter is changeable a cording to the circumstances ,splashily if it is out of or control, and what the people see over all that time make it so hard for those people to believe in “democracy” and the way the coalition put the “democracy” and “freedom” according to the way they see it ,with out taken in consider the circumstances and the enviearment and the traditions in Iraq but the hall process maybe to *fail* .
Maybe they didn’t understand the Iraqis?
Maybe they didn’t study them well?
Maybe they got the rung advice from rung people ?
And the people begin to thing deferently ,about the hall thing ,and they begin to say “if they wont us to chose between democracy and freedom or security “ we will chose security" ,and how the press helped to increase the problem and how they see the negotiation ,as a lose to the coalition ,and any one have a problem now he will use gun to solve it ,these problems even it may not be a big issue to the coalition but it is now ,and these small mistakes, and all what happening will lead to a reasonable question.
Did the coalition planed for after saddam time ?

Monday, April 12, 2004

Is things got out of hands. (Part one)

Once a gain the Iraqi people pay the praise , and what we see through the past day’s was anther disasters ,innocent people were been killed ,children and women’s and old man’s, this was the final number of the dead people 518dead and more than 1300 person were injured most of them were children’s and woman’s ,and a destroyed city ,and the way that the troops deled with the situation was so tuff ,when we heard that 4 American contractors were been killed and they act with there dead bodies ,we were shocked and we were so angry and no one and I mien no one was happy with that ,non human and horrible action ,even those who clamed that they are resisting ,and when I speak some where ,I don’t afraid from any one ,and I was like that form the day I was born ,and all the people know how I was against ,so many people from former regime members in work and college where against me but the know that I was speaking trolley and seeing what they couldn’t say ,and when I spooked to peoples from “fallujah “ telling them to explain to me *way *they did that ,they told me that we have the Wright to fight for our home ,and we are resisting the occupation ,but we don’t accept acting with dead bodies ,and this is what we didn’t do ,and I was afraid of what happened to happening , and all we are trying to do to rebuild a new country seems to face a difficult challenges ,he massage that the troops wonted to passed to others ,that when you chose to fight us ,we will fight you back and destroy you but ,unfortunately the victims are the civil and weak ordinary peoples ,and what was the rustles , the religious extremists won ,and they are controlling ,and there word is taking by and the “fallujah “ fighters are now heroes ,in the eye of the most peoples here ,a small town ,with machine guns and some A..B.G ,against the American troops, and I am afraid that this thing will give the extremists to take there chance and push over ,and take over the things ,and the way the coalition deled with the situation was completely deferent for the ordinary people ,and the began to wonder if the coalitions relay came to help them ,this was changing in the line of dealing with problems , yes there is terrors and law braking and many challenges *but forces will not be the right solution always*and as I told you before that heat brings heat and revenge will bring revenge, I know that the coalitions and many good people are facing a great challenge here ,to find a good a modern country here, and believe me this is not an essay job ,and you cant imagine the prosier on them ,and establishing a state of law will take time and a hard work from us to help our self’s to get to our target “fallujah “was from the beginning a challenge for the coalitions ,and we who support freedom ,and they have a deferent explanation to the freedom ,the “fallujah “ people don’t accept the way things goes on “not all peoples “ but most of them and as I told you that there is lot of people there who see in his land or his house ,all his freedom and enjoy it and he don’t have problem with modern live and what’s happening in this life as long it is far away from him, so there must be another way to deal with the problem ,and people must learn when some one do a cream ,they most turn him in and not hide him, and this take hard work there to do ,and also there is so big problems here ,like every one in the country have a piece of gun ,and this is making the work more difficult for the coalition , they got to disarm peoples and the militias , so they can transition the power to Iraqis ,and they most fined members be more acceptable to the people more than “Iraqi govern conical” they are now not acceptable to most of the people and people don’t take there talks seriously ,and if they are not been supported from the people and the power transfer to a weak government
There will be more problems, and what happing in Iraq knows is related to every one wont free life.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

What’s happening in Iraq.

Baghdad 1.30 pm ,am hearing bombing and sound of the tangs and the airplanes ,I remembers days ,I hoped to forget it ,and I thought that we will never get back to these days ,the bombing and all that staff ,but it seems like we got along time to go ,the problem started with the first day that coalition start to get over control the country and it start in particularly in “Najaf city” when some people murdered” Mr.Abd al majeed al quae “ he’s a sheai’s religion man and he is a respectable man and well educated and he also ran Al quae Organization and it’s a big organization in all over the world ,to educate people and advice them and help them in there live also they establishing “Islam “ that teaches people respect and forgiveness not toreros ,there main location is in London ,this man left his life and his organization and all what he had in his live, and joined the collation forces to liberate Iraq and the Iraqis ,he could stay out there watch what’s happening and when things are clear he can get to in Iraq ,but he decided to help and he was in the front lines with those brave soldiers fighting the evil togather ,and he was telling the peoples and guide them and show them that the collations here to help them not to heart them ,and because he is so popular and respectable ,he had a great part during the war ,but because there is people don’t thing only for them salve’s ,and there only advantages , he was murdered and cut to a parts , the investigations started there to see what happened and who was responsible about this crime.
“Mr.Muqtda al sader” a young sheai leader ,he’s the son of “mohamad baker al sader “ which was a religion, man and he was so effaceable in his theories about religion and life and he had many followers in Iraq and all over the world ,this was during saddam time and he wasn’t afraid of saddam regime ,and he was challenging him all the time, by not fallowing his orders, and one of the beigest challenges was when he organized the tow millions pray ,and I remember ,I saw this on tape ,it was an allowed to see like these things ,”I will tray to get the tape to show it to you “he was representing a big challenge to saddam regime ,but saddam managed to move him of ,he was assassinated and his older sun ,and saddam blamed Iran ,telling that it’s internal sheai conflict, and because saddam knows that by killing him ,will not solve the problem and he learn through time ,when you start something you got to completed it to the end ,what ever the cost is to accomplished,and he began to fight all his flowers ,in all deferent way ,some many of them where been executed and they kept away from any meaning of live ,there where many of them run away to out side Iraq ,and Iran was there shelters, and “Mr.Muqtda al sader” run away to Iran and he was staying there and he was studying there in “al hoza “ its something like a Islamic academy or a university ,teaches deferent types of sciences.
“muqtda” went back to Iraq ,after few days from the war ,he went to city of “Najaf “ and because the satiation wasn’t eatable ,he decided to take over, but there was a problem, there was ” Mr.Abd al majeed al quae” which he was taken place in the hart and the mined of the people there, and there was some people working with “Muqtda” , ” Mr.Abd al majeed al quae” was killed, and because the majority of the sheai people fallow there “marjaya” there spiritual leaders ,so they recommended people not to take any actions and leave it to the investigations, ”Muqtada” moved to the city of “kofa”its near “NAjaf” and he begin to establish he’s own state “there for it spouse from the coalition to stop him there”and because they wont to give the Iraqis there chances to live in open world ,but it seems like there some people cant live in such atmosphere, although the collation got a lot of work and they thing that people will help them ,”Muqtada “also establish popular young’s man basic ,and he begin to be close to the majority of the hard workers which they been severed from the regime ,and he begin to start his own line ,and the first thing he dot he was a giants the “Iraqi govern conical” saying that they are put by America and they don’t represent the Iraqis ,and he fight them every where ,and told his followers not to lessen to them and there law ,and he had a statement written on the walls saying that “America fucked England and the Iraqi govern conical was borne” ,and in a move to stand agents Iraqi govern conical ,he start a shadow government and he establish his own ministries ,and he goes far than that declaring that he decided to make it’s own money to deal with ,but because he is afraid from the reaction of the coalitions forces ,there for he desidead to establish his own military forces or his army ,he named it “ al mahde Army “and he was keeping tell the world that it’s a peaceful army and he try to help the Iraqis and we don’t have the ability and the money to armed it, but I told you no ,it’s not a peaceful army ,and most of the Iraqi army weapons ,they stool it and there is a lot of weapons there and heavy weapons there ,and there is lot of weird things goes on inside “al sader city “ and to clear the things more ,I will intrudes to you my friend “mohammad” he is working inside “al sader city “ and I speak with him to clear some issues inside the city .
how is the security inside the city and who controls it ?
“mohammad” :after the war the security there was no one responsibility, there is a big market there for sealing the weapons ,but the coalition take controls.
What about “al mahde Army “ ?
“mohammad” :“al mahde Army”is a organization includes the ordinary peoples and those people who don’t have work ,they toke over the “bath” head court and he says that they dealing with people the seam way saddam members were dealing ,if they know about any one seals music tapes or movies ,they will bust him ,and take him to there head court to punished him .
Do they really knocked on the doors asking people to join there Army and if they don’t they will accused him that he’s against them ?
“mohammad”: they are looking for every one to join them ,and if you don’t they might take an aggressive action towards you or any member or your family ,like thrown a bomb on your house or burn you shop or store.
Who support them financially?
“mohammad”: they got deferent types of money sources, they depends on there majeaor support from “Iran” they support them with money and people ,and they depend on money comes from reach people from there followers in what they call it “zakat” and its tradition in there religion that you most give from your money to theme to help each others in life ,and when saddam regime goon the stool a lot of money and things.
Do people support him and like him?
“mohammad”:will he got followers and the other like me cant do any thing and we are afraid of him ,he’s most like saddam in his actions ,and I hope that the coalitions do something to help us .
this was one of the peoples who is seafaring from some unreasonable figures .
let me clear something to you ,in” sheai’s “style or tradition when there spiritual leader is dead for any reason, they fellow there loyalty to there most wisdom leaders ,and he must be a wisdom and respectable man ,and he must be approved by “al hoza” and he must be will educated ,and got something like a degree or title “ayat alaa” ,and this man Muqtada” is even didn’t reach this title yet.
And they clamid that the hall thing stared ,when Mr.bremer decided to close there newspaper “alhozaalnateka” the voice of the hoza ,but there newspaper was already engorging the people for valances and killing ,and this not freedom .jest a tip this newspaper was the exit “althoura Iraqi newspaper” it was belong to saddam regime and it was been taken by “Muqtada “followers ,and there is a lot of run away people from law and murders working with him also there is members from the “Iranian intelligent” support him ,because he don’t accept law decisions, and he won’t to make his law and rule by him self to be over law ,and if he relay respect law ,he should work with it ,not against it.
There was a worn ,by an Iraqi jade ,to arrest “Mugtada “ to investigate with him in the case of Mr.Abd al majeed al quae “ but he refuse to surrender ,claming that he is incessant ,and if you are relay incessant so surrender so you can face the law ,and you will be treated like a suspect and the law will show every thing .
Some people wondering why now in this time ?
The answer is very simple ,because there is law now and we wont all the people to obey the law and there is no one above the law ,this is the writ and the only way to establish our new country .
And supporting individuals peoples his there own agenda or supporting tiresome will not solve our problems .
And what is coalitions doing it now is the right thing ,and please don’t hold them more than they could ,they are doing there beast to help us and they see things from deferent views that you cant see weal .and there is so many people here support the coalitions even from the “sheai” them salve’s
I hope you got a clear view about what’s happing here ,and if you wont to know any thing please let me know .
Thank you.

Sunday, April 04, 2004


Dear readers how are you all, hope you are fine and enjoying your times, I jest wont you to know that my blog will be moved to the new web site it will be working I hope in a few days, and you will see a lot of new staffs, I will be abele to show you movies and interviews live from Iraq, to all those who won’t to express there points of view ,and also some events which are taken place here, also I will publish articles for some peoples who they wish to express there opinion ,and there are many people here are racing to be the first one’s who won’t to appears to the world ,jest wont you to know that there is so many great and good friends helping me to do all that work ,and I jest wont to Thank them for there hard and faithful and kind help ,Thank you Norm, Thank you Mike ,Thank you Janet, Thank you Tom ,Thank you all out there ,Thank you all how read and support Iraqis blog ,we will never forget you ,and we promises you to keep our way .
I love you all .