Monday, June 28, 2004

To whom who concern.

Great moments ,great time ,here in Iraq , The transfer of power to Iraq sovereignty has been completed 2 days in advance ,this was ,a great news for the Iraqis .
From this moment we started to celebrate ,and people ,all over here conciliation each other ,this is a great moments ,I resaved calls from all over the world greeting me for this happy moments .
Thank you Mr. . primmer ,for being great president for Iraq all this time, Thank you for great job you did for Iraq ,we will never forget you , you will be always in our minds and harts.
Thank you united state of America for your great Job you done here .
Thank you coalitions forces for you brave work and supporting good.
Thank you all Brave mans ,who lost there life here ,your bloods will be the river of hope for us .
Thank you all good friends out there ,thank you for being with us all the way , minute by minute ,day by day ,living our sadness and happiness ,standing beside us ,encouraging us
Supporting us ,worry about us ,we always felt that you are there beside us ,with us .
Thank you all brave Iraqis who stand out there to fight for better future and freedom.
I will go now to celebrate with all people for this happy moments ,it has been long time since we celebrate .
Bye for now .

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Calling for succor ?

I was today on a web site for "Al-Zarqawi" and I was shocked by the images I saw ,I even threw up ,I don’t believe that those man are human ,or related to any kind of humanity ,they don’t know any thing ,just killing and killing ,I am very angry ,and I like to do any thing to take those man down ,even by carrying a
weapon and fighting them,those are our real enemy and ,we will take them down ,those people live according to animal instincts,even the animals are better .
What do those people want?
Those people don't even tell anyone what they want. All they want is
to kill for fun, in the name of "Allah" GOD, but GOD didn't recommend
that they kill and torture people. They even create their own "Allah" to
believe in. But I want to send a message to them: You will lose, and
you will be punished by the rule of life, justice, and by the rule of
heaven by GOD.
Those people are the Iraqi's number one enemy. I was today at my
university, from which I graduated, and people there were very upset. Out
there, everywhere, they ask the Allawi government to be very hard on
those losers. I was in a taxi and the driver told me that many people he
gave lifts to told him that we are so angry at those people, and we
want to get them out. Many, many people, day by day, support that the
Allawi government be harsher with those people. What I want to tell our
people is: Iraq is for Iraqis and no one will care more for it than
you. It's one battle in the war and we have to win. Either we win the
battle, so we stand for what we want, or we lose everything.
we should support our police and ICCD ,and our new army ,to take those losers down , stick together Iraqis ,be one hand ,stand together ,and remember we are not a lone ,as we always be ,we got good people and friend's all over the world will help ,and they are helping us ,don’t be afraid ,don't hesitate,fight for your life ,future, for your freedom, remember dark time ,remember being slaves ,don't accept
going back to those times,have faith and you will see we will win .
"Raise your head! You are Iraqi!"
كنت اليوم في احد المواقع التابعة للمدعوا" الزرقاوي" وقد صدمت للمناضر التي شاهدتها هناك حتى أني قد تقيأت ,أنا لا أومن بأن هؤلاء الناس هم بشر ,او لهم اي علاقة بالبشرية ,هم لايعرفون شيئا سوى القتل والقتل ,أنا غاضب جدا ,وأود ان افعل أي شيء للتخلص من هولاء ألاشخاص ,حتى لو اضطررت لحمل السلاح ضدهم,هولاء هم أعدأنا الحقيقيون,وسوف ننتصر عليهم,هولاء الاشخاص يعيشون وفقا للغريزة الحيوانية ,بل حتى الحيوانات هي افضل بكثير منهم.
ماذا يريد هولاء ألاشخاص؟
هولاء ألاشخاص حتى لم يخبروا احدا ماذا يريدون,ولايعرف أحد ماذا يريدون ,بل هم نفسهم لايعرفون ما يريدون,بل ما يريدونة هو القتل لأجل المتعة ,وبأسم (أللة),لكن (أللة) لم يوصي بالقتل وتعذيب الناس,لكنهم وجدوا الة اخر ليعبدوة وهو الشيطان.
وأود ان ارسل رسالة لهؤلاء الضالين ,سوف تخسرون ,وسوف تعاقبون بقنانون الحياة (العدالة) وبقانون السماء من (أللة).
هؤلاء الضالين هم أعدأنا رقم واحد.
اليوم كنت في الكلية التي تخرجت منها الجامعة التكنولوجية ,وكان الناس هناك مستأون جدا لما حدث ويحدث من هذة الفئة الضالة,والجميع يتمنى القضاء عليهم وسحقهم ,الكل هنا يقفون خلف حكومة (علاوي) ويطالبوة ,وان الحكومة تزداد شعبية يوم بعد يوم والناس يطالبون هنا بالشدة المطلقة ,لحد التطرف مع هؤلاء الضالين .
ومن هنا اود ان أطاب من العراقين الشرفاء ,أن العراق للعراقين ,ولايوجد من هو احرص على العراق من العراقين نفسهم ,هذة احدى المعارك في الحرب التي علينا ان نربحها لكي نربح الحرب , لذلك اما ان نقف مع ما نريد ,أو نخسر كل شيء.
لذلك علينا أن نساند الشرطة وقوات الدفاع المدني والحرس الوطني وقوات الجيش العراقي الجديدحتى نقضي على هؤلاء الضالين .
أيها العراقيين قفوا جنبا الى جنب, كونوا يد واحدة , قفوا معا , تذكروا اننا لسنا لوحدنا كما دأئما كنا ,لدينا أصدقاء وأشخاص طيبون يقفون ألى جنبنا من كل حدر وصوب من كل انحاء العالم سوف يساعدونا وهم يساعدونا,لاتكونوا خائفين ,ولاتترددو,قاتلوا لأجل حياتكم,قاتلوا من أجل مستقبلكم ,قاتلوا من أجل حريتكم,تذكروا ألايام المظلمة,تذكروا عصر ألعبودية,لاترضوا بتلك ألايام.
تحلوا بألايمان وسوف ترون النتيجة ,النتيجة هي النصر.
(أرفع رأسك أنت عراقي)

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Coming back …

Hi every one how are you ,hope you are all fine ,I miss you all ,I was working in a site for the new Iraqi army in Tadji, its was a great experiment, working out there for those brave man. I see them coming to defend their country ...
with all the determination they got ,believing in their cause ,brave young man ,come to be new Iraq army ,not one person army ,people army ,to defend their lives,not to attack them and kill them ,what I see was amazing ,and I was very very happy to see them and I felt safe ,I just love them ,and was more than happy to work for them .
Our main work was to build their bases and headquarters ,but not in the old way ,when there wasn't any care for them ,but in the modern ways to make them feel comfortable,and provide all the facilities for them in these basses ,it was just a great work .
I am so happy I am back to write again . I love you all good people ,some time and I see all that killing around me,feel like life reached the end ,but as soon as I see some good works ,it just make me ---wanna fly from happiness,and work more and more ,full of hope knowing that it never end ,there's always a chance,and its just like a sign to keep on, keep faithing ,this job add a lot of things to me ,I am here ,I am back ,I will be always here ,with faith ,and hard work ,we will win .

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Saturday, June 12, 2004


I was saw happy ,when the new Iraqi government was announced and I was more happy ,when I saw ,a big support from the world to this step , but it seems that this step was not been liked from some people ,and they are keeping to call for more valiance and more keeling ,and I wonder why they are keeping doing that ,and why they want us to keep walking around in the seem circle of the valiance ,and why the don’t like things to be seat ,after all ,what most of people wants is to live in pace ,and start working to built this country.
I was having a little chat to a friend in the messenger ,and she was from an Arabic country ,she was asking me about the situation in Iraq ?I told her we are fine ,and things go better day by day ,she said really ?I told her ”yes “ she told me but we see things on “AL-Jazeera” a lot of things ?I told him that “AL-Jazeera” don’t represent Iraqis ,and only what they care about to turn things on ,she said that she heard that American bothers Iraqi peoples every were ?I told her this is not true,she said do like the occupation ,,,
I told her now one like to be occupied ,she told me why you people don’t do any thing ,I told her ,we are doing a lot of things ,she said like what? I told here we are building or self’s or new country and we are working together Iraqis and American to have free and democracy Iraq and in 1/7 we will be .
She told me do you like saddam? ,I told her no one like the devil.
She asked Don’t you thing you should fight ?fight for what I ask here .
She said for your freedom ,land ,owner? I laugh told her ,I am free now ,and we my land is here no one take it ,and now I live with owner and dignity ,I told here don’t you thing you should fight ?she said what!i said if you think that you should fight for principles as you say ,than you should start with your country first ,not with Iraq ,Iraq is free now ,and we are walking through the process ,but you even didn’t started yet ,that’s right and what you say is quite true ,but she said that if we have any soldiers in or land we will kill them all ,,,I laugh telling that this is not true , we been in Iraq for thirty year were deleing with our problems by fighting ,and what we did get ,nothing ,and told gon throw a war is not an easy thing ,she said yes I no ,I told here then why you want us to go throw it .
She didn’t have the answer .
I told here that we want to deal with things in different way ,and to do that you got to give us a chance

Road of a Nation Forums

Monday, June 07, 2004

Ask American?

Hi every one ,hope you are all fine ,and enjoying your time ,also I hope that you liked the new forums of road of a nation ,this will be a chance for the two side to talk together and share feelings ,but I need some time here so people can know how to use that ,although the internet is not accessible for all people ,although we try or best to let them know how important to shear views .
Several days now ,for the new Iraqi transition government ,things seems quiet in the west north ,in the south ,I even heard from some people ,who claims that they are working with resistance ,that they decided to stop all there activities ,to see how things goes on ,and they seem that they are convince ,that the coalition are walking into the right way ,towards free Iraq ,and what happened yesterday was all a terrorist actions ,one of them said ,and I think what he just say “that these actions are terrorist action” is a changing point ,and he say that we are resisting and this is our right , even” Mr.GWB” said that any one have the right to fight for his country ,it seems that most of the Iraqis are happy in way or another with “AL-Yawer” and “Aloi” as PM ,and most of them see in this compensation a magic drug to calm down things for some time because of” MR.AL-Yawer” position and his tribe, although there is a lot of challenges ,but we all know that this government job is to prepare for the next election ,and there must be true election .
there is some questions to you .
1. Some of the Kurdish people are disappointed in the American way of
dealing with the Kurdish issue, saying that the Americans have
forgotten us now.

2. Some Kurds say, "Arab Sunni used a lot of violence and they got
what they wanted, the presidential position, and the Shi'a used a little
violence and they got the Prime Minister position, and the Kurds stayed
calm and they got secondary positions or got nothing. We want to ask,
is the USA responding to violence by rewarding it? And we want to ask
if it will all be this way in the election."

3. George Tenet quit, he says, because of personal reasons. Do you
think so?

4. Your relationship with France seems to be recovering after what we
saw in the celebration at Normandy. Do you think that France will send
troops under a United Nations umbrella, under American command, and
will they share in the rebuilding process of Iraq?

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Friday, June 04, 2004


Road of a Nation Forums
Here we are again trying our best to help each other to communicate, speak
Our thought our ideas, feelings, every thing to get knowing each other tradition, cultures, happed, way of life, this is a new step for us as Iraqis ,and you will be a big help for us to learn from you ,also you will learn a lot about us ,how we are thinking ,how we lived , what’s our imagination for our future , how you or any one can help .
It’s just like tow different plants ,and this is a way of communication between the tow of us.
Like tow different environment ,you been in the right side ,we been in the rung side, how you can help us to get to the right side .
By communication this will help a lot, so any one is welcomed to join us in this experiment .
I just want to thank “TAM” for there great work ,and there time trying to work out all this work .
I mean you can imaging all what we are doing ,for each other and we don’t “NO”
Each others only thorough the web ,our by emailing .
But we got more powerful reason ,FAITH we got faith in our case , we got faith in each other .
We just doing that to strong the relation between all good people .
Thank you all out there thank you all for your time ,I hope we all do what’s good for all .
Good bless you.
Road of a Nation Forums

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Just want you to know

Hi every one ,thank you all for you time , your help to answer all of our questions ,I just want to say ,that these questions are for different people here ,there is people ,supporting USA and there is people disagree with USA, but all people can share with you what they want to ask ,and this helped a lot to understand so many things ,also it helped to know each other, and when I started this thing ,I was knowing a lot of people ,with different opinions , they didn’t speak about what’s happening in details , many of them was not caring for what’s happing ,some of them was thinking that things never will be good ,others were afraid to speak ,others were supporting “saddam” ,others with USA ,and I was trying to run a conversation with all sides, trying to let them share together what they think about, how they can cooperated with each other ,to see a civilize people and even if they disagree ,that’s fine ,but we still friends, to be honest with you ,this job was so hard in the beginning ,and where ever I go I see people argue with each other ,some times they won’t to kill each other ,and there been so many fights about silly things ,but I am so “happy” now after one year to see those people beginning to under stand things better ,and they are arguing in deferent way they are discussing the issues,and explain to each other ,what’s the right what’s the rung, this is a sing to all of us ,your answers helped a lot to change the hall view here ,and I only speaking about limited people ,we gout these great rustle ,imagine how will it be ,if people can get more involve with each other from both side ,and listen to each other , hearing you and have discussions with each other,this will be ,great ,jest great .
People here with all what’s happening still have faith in you ,and a lot of people wish that “Iraq became a part of the united state of America”
I just want you to know that your answers will always be a big help for
Iraqis, for the simple reason that people here believe in everything
you are saying. When I ask them, "Do you really believe these answers?",
they say, "Yes, indeed. Why shouldn't we believe them? Those people
don't lie, and they don't have to lie. They say everything straight to
your face, and we like that. We need more truthful people. We have
been hearing lies all our lives.
Just wont you to know about that.
New site Address http://

Some questions ?

Hi again ,these are a some questions ,we wish to hear your opinion about .
1.You made a list of your most wanted people from the Iraqi leaders,
and you caught almost all of them. My question: Will they be
surrendered to the Iraqi people to be tried, and will you be involved in these
2. According to what did you make this list?
3. Why were there exceptions, like Al-Sahaf? Also, the Americans
allowed many other people to be killed and still others to run away, like
Saddwon Hamadi, the head of the Iraqi parliament.
4.If there were trials and these trials showed a lot of surprises,
like relations with governments and persons,will you allow them to be charged?.
5. Saddam's French lawyer said that, if there were a trial, he would
declare a lot of files and documents related to the USA and Saddam and
he will ask many people of high position to be witnesses. Will you
allow that?
New site Address http://


It’s a busy day ,and I wont you all to live it with me .
We got a President?
Iraqis are so happy about our new government ,there is some people singed in a few words .
Hi ….. I am so happy with my …the new Iraqi government and I wish them all luck.
Hello.. I am very exciting for the new government ,wish that they built new Iraq .
Khuld AL jamass.
Hi yes ….yes .. we support our new government …..go forward we back up you.
Ahmed Al Saraf.
Marhaba ----- I trolley liked them.
Hello,,,, I wish them luck ,and succeed ,we love you.
Yes I support them ,and I shall do any thing they ask me to do .
Hi ….. it’s a new start for us ..we hope every thing be good .
Thank you
Ali .
Hello,,,,,as a Kurdish I feel very happy for all ,and I am happy 2 for all one Iraq .
Kawa .S.J
Hi … an Iraqi I feal great ,this time is our time .
Hassan M.
We all see this is the first step only ,but “one mile trip start with step”.
Rana Mansor.
Great peoples and educated ,we depend on them to prepare for the elections .
Dr. Jamal said
Yes I agree with Dr.jamal ,we depend on them to prepare for the elections.
Dr.Abas Al jnabi.
Hello.i love what I saw on TV they were great ,hope to see good work soon.
Luma Ahmed.
Hay ,,,,,,, good staff ,,,,,,,, we hope to see improvements in our life .
Wish you all best.
New site Address http://

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

New day for Iraqis .

These days are ,a critical days ,and every one watching ,and wont to see what is the result of the new government and, we all hope that things work right ,and I spooked with so many people here ,actually every one talks about the new government, and who will be the president for the next transition step, there is people here didn’t like the way things gone ,and they say that the next “government” is a copy of the “govern conceal “ and they fail ,to help the country and fail to win people support ,and all that helped to increase the violent in Iraq ,although other people said ,theses people didn’t get their chance ,and the American didn’t let them to work through ,we hope that the new government will be a step forward , yes
I heard now that “Mr.ajeel al yawor” is the new president of republic of Iraq ,and “Mr .Ayad Alawi “ is the PM ,and there are 26 ministers .we hope that this government will help the Iraqi people to get through these difficult time.
And I asked immediately people here “what you think about the new government”
The first one I spooked to him said “I hope for the new step not like before ,nobody want the years of dockage will not back again, and the must important thing (security ,jobs,..etc)
Must of the people are very happy here ,but with all the joy and happiness ,there is still terrorist and people ,who don’t like to see what happing to Iraq .
And there is so questions that I heard from people .
1. On which basses this government was selected ,and did the united stated supported any one from the nominated persons?
2.will you use Iraq as a basic start point to change the middle east map.
3. will you establish military bases in Iraq ,and what you will do ,if Iraqis refuse.
4.will you allow Iraq to be a strong country ,Armed country ,and what will you do if Iraq ,didn’t match your thoughts , like he decided to attack Israel, or refuse to seal oil to USA

New site Address http://