Saturday, August 14, 2004

Speech from Al-sadr to American people and world.

Hi, everyone. This is a message from Muqtada Al-Sadr to the American people. I just wonder - what's your reaction? I will let you know how people feel here after this post. This is the full message I got from Al-Sadr's media office in Baghdad.

What happened to you - the sopprters and the ffollowers of the chrits (peace be upon him). What happened to you - the followers who love peace, what happened to you -the followers of who recommended of the prophet Ahmed after him? What happened to you who are motives for like peace? Why do not you support peace, you, whose sacred book is gospel tou and we assemble to Humanity, you and we together believe in one GOD. You and we together believe in having prophets, Great god said,” there is no difference among prophets.” We believe in all the prophets not in some of them as others you are against the Honest the forgiving law (sharea) that calls peace and Best behavior and good treatment and sincere love and brotherhood to all that lead to the spread of peace in all the world. You and we are looking forwerd to peace and we need it and nothing else, the Muslim is peaceful otherwise he is not Muslim. And like you who require the peace. We are desired for peace but you are in our country occupants. Our land is taken and our houses entered and our independence is incomplete and our beliefs are insulted. Is this state satisfactory in your state? I say we do not accept this for us and for you and for all who wish for peace and Brother hood. We need peace for all peoples in the world; this is Africa that lives in an Ignorance and its paths are full of poverty and need and its houses are full of illnesses ; Asia starts with the he same tragedy gradually all these hoopen because of occupation and led to Discrimination and racialism. There is no prefernce for the Asian or the African or the European or American or the white or the black persons. ALL ARE EQUAL INHUMANITY, BROTHERHOOD and PEACE. Your leadership imagines to you that these wars lead to peace but wars do not lead to peace and it. Imagines to you that they save the world but later on they will make you masters of the world but they will make a big gap between the oppressed peoples and you and the only SAVIOUR TO THE MANKIND IS AL-MEHADI. Hand by hand with our prophet and your prophet the CHRIST (peace be upon them) to spread peace in all parts of the world in order to be brothers in peace After all this; I call you: 1- to support peace and give up differences and be far away from occupation as this does not satisfy God Nor his prophet and especially does not satisfy the CHRIST (peace be upon him) as he does not harm any one at all. 2- Our (christans and Muslim) should be a hand for building a peaceful world and every state has its independence and its freedom for away from any occupant and we stand againt the occupant and occupation. Therefore on one can attacy you as we were attacked as it is said (Be merciful, you get mercy). As you see that all those who follow your leadership itself, now the are attacked by the orders of your leadership and the good example for this that the cniminal saddam (who was followers to them) now he is Frightened should be cautious as It is said that who enters my paradise he is secured And who does not enter it. He does not get it and this not accepted by you and we do not accept it too. Every one has his opinion and independence. 3. I call you to be Muslims so as be brothers. To work for the sake of completion And for the sake justice that we wish and follow it by the help of the Great God I call you to the forgiving (shared) of Islam that our prophet called for it and your prophet the Christ (peace be upon them) as He said There will be a prophet after me called (Ahmed) and he is the messenger of god.(peace be upon him). 4. And then you come back to your families and children .vho are waiting for you Impatiently and getting poison because of your absence to them and we come back to our societies to do our duties in front of you and them and all the world and you should know that we look forward to your interest and not ours. We do not need to be unjust as is said.’Be oppressed and not ungust ‘We do not want you to support the wars and occipation but we want peace and security and really peace and occupation do nt get together and the war of terrorism can not be setteld bt terrorism and there are many peaceful means to prevent it. Finally I call you to attend Friday praying and I called you formery. I called you to attend our praying and witness our rites so as to remove any ambiguity and distored concept about Islam unfortunately and then we shall attend your meetings and visit your churches and take part in your rites and this is true peace and true brotherhood and not for war and destrucation and killing and bloodshed and insulting our sacred places, and yours. Whenever we become remote from Each other, the gap will become larger and this gap will be good place for rumors and lies which are untrue at all. As for me I am following the principles of my fathers, grandfathers and my brothers of al-sadur (sacred souls) and not away from them. My father (sacred soul) called for unity although saddam the destoyer put his sword on our necks. He was not frightened from death and he made peace and sacrifice his goal and he was not the only one. There was sayed moosa AL-Sadur too whose aim was to make an approach between the christins and the muslims in lebanon and this is clear for you. I am tracing them, by the help of Great God and wantfrom you respons Generally I am unwilling to get a position or to be a member at parliament or or presidency and if wish I can get that easily but I want Genera Interest on the path of brother -Hood, peace, security and stability for all religions. We do not make discrimination of prophets (peace be upon them) we request great God success for the sake of Charity, reformation, and reconciliation. We inform and the great God witnesses of what we say.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Look to inside Iraq …

New development in Iraq these days ,is it the end of the militias ,or is it just the start ,its every time a new style for the terrorists and the extremist ,and how those people change their skin every day ,just to harm more and more people ,without knowing ,what they want our what's their agenda ,and what we saw recently from the kidnapping and killing the foreign people ,in the name of "jehad " is a real disaster, if those criminals thought that by these ways they will get what they want ,they are wrong ,they make people hate them more,but its not only by heating them we will solve the problem ,we have to fight them back , and don’t even and never acquiesce to them ,what happened here by some of the coalition and some of the companies ,was unacceptable ,and what they do, helped to encourage a lot of sick people to to take advantage of this situation , and to start kidnapping ,and this these media ,that are crying day and night about ,closing their offices ,for exporting violence ,and playing with people life ,they are a flock of sheep, taking no care for others' feelings, hidingunder the cover of words and "honesty" .
although I think ,what's happing in Iraq today is concerning all people all over the world , they are not punishing some people because we want others to live , this is not matter of thinking ,those people ,don’t believe any one ,and don’t believe any way ,to communicate ,the believe in only one way ,that we should live according to their rules,and delete the other one ,or the other side ,and when you treat them the same way they ,say where is the democracy ,where is the freedom you call for .
I had a little chat with "Paul Edwards" although ,and told him how I was angry ,when I argue with one of "Mogtad " those people just don’t know what they want ,I wonder if they can think ,I think that what's happening is a a big test to see if our government will succeed.
I was suppose to speak about my trip ,but I just want to say how I feel and many ,many ,of Iraqis are feeling the same way ,I will post soon a bout the trip to" Baquba"

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Hi friends.

Hi every one I am back ,this is the first day on my office in Baghdad ,it was a great journey ,very exciting ,staying over there with the soldiers ,and how they feel ,and what they wish ,I will speak about that ,also I am very happy coming back ,I missed you all ,I will not be able to write today ,but I will be on line on messenger the address is