Sunday, September 23, 2007

Where is New Iraq?

I really don’t know from were I should start from my own problems our the Iraqis generally ,it been nearly 2 years since I stopped writing and the main reason was the disappointing situation ,yes the disappointing, is this the new Iraq ?this was what we wished to have? is this the new style of life ?at the beginning every thing was Ok ,and we were saying "No problem" the important thing that we got red of the dictatorship ,there we are after 4 and half year ,and Iraq from dictatorship to the old dark ages ,Iraq the country of nations and foundation of humanity sinking in rivers of blood and killing and poorness and thieves and and , Iraq only the name stayed Iraq and every thing else is goon ,who is responsible ? Is it us or the others?
All we wanted was simple things ,is it hard to have a these things with out these losses ,it was very expensive payment ,my hart is breaking and I see my country loses every thing ,even the simple things that we didn’t wanted any more .

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Writing again

Welcome every one again on Road of a nation blog it been a long time ago since I was posting ,but it was the circumstances that kept me away, also it was the same reasons that call me back for writing ,I will try in my coming post to concentrated as I say on the situation of the Iraqi people and what is happing for them inside and out side Iraq and did the new situation of new Iraq useful for them I will talk about that and I hope that you guys join me by your comments and thoughts .