Monday, November 29, 2004


Hi guys …I am now lisining to a song for "startship" called "Sara" I love the 80's hits so much I am in my office in monuments of peace and quite ,very happy feeling inside me thought to shear these monuments with you guys ,and thank you all for what you did for us ,and please say thank you to the all brave mans ,who are there, out side helping us ,and told them that we support them .

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Iraqi people pay the cost of American mistakes & the terrorists unmerciful

All the world know the bad situation for Iraqi people , where I will say the truth . American did mistakes in my country I do not want to deny that American do nothing but they tried to deceive us & they made our country field for every one want to hurt American & the loser will be Iraqis , so I want to tell you all the mistakes which they did it here, the first disbanded the old Iraq army & all security guys without any guilt just because they were employees in fall down regime & these guys do not represent saddam Hussein but they represent Iraq , American told them go home till we will call you .every body know this truth & every one know that when American occupied Iraq no body shoot them because all was hopeful but American did nothing because they came for one thing ( the oil) then they start to rebuild the Iraqi army but when?? !!!!
They did that when they left the border open for one year & every one has a problem with USA come in , of course these guys will find some guys help them because all the tough guys lost them jobs , no salary , no everything so I think If they was stilling in them position they was doing a good thing because they have a good experience & the new guys have less .
The terrorist they do bad thing no mercy ,no pity no , and they did that not for Iraqi or because they are patriot but they for money under Islamic name.
I want to say that this explosion will not solve this problem ,any way who will help our people ,who will be responsible , who will win from this explosions, who will win from the blood river ??????
Finally I will stay work for Iraq , rebuild ,educate, strive, struggle ,help Iraqis & do all thing I can do it for Iraq & stay saying NO for war , NO for blood , NO for explosions
Yes for Iraq
Yes for freedom
Yes for peace
Yes for diplomatic .

There was an opinion for ordinary Iraqi guy, I publish it because I believe in listening to others ,as much as they represent there thoughts and ideas peacefully and they just simply say any thing they want ,this is the basic for freedom ,but just let me ask ,those people including you my dear friend Yassir did they believe in what we say ,what we want to say ,what we want to think, no they didn’t ,they simply say hey ,we lead you fellow and if you refuse you die ,is this the way that America thinks ? what do you think ,I don’t defined America ,they don’t need me to defined them ,they got enough people and abilities to do that ,I wann deified my self my ideas ,I was thinking that all Iraqis where the victim of Sadddam ,now I believe they are not ,and I believe that what happened to many Iraqis ,was because they deserve that ,and I don’t k now how people can think simply by holding a machine gun can fight a tank or an air plane , come on you know and I know and every one knows that they will loss ,then what is the matter ,is it the matter of life rolls cause if you want to life a cording to life law you should learn that there is law and resolutions you got to stick with it ,,and by holding the gun you will be always the loser ,you gout to speak and reach your voice so others can hear your voice ,and if it is a matter of principals you should to know if these people got any sense of principles which they believe in to ,if they do they want kill innocents people children's and women's ,if they have principles they should never accept about what saddam was doing ,but because they are used to live this way ,they just cant change ,and they want to kill me and others or let me fellow them .
Yes I cant fight them and this is something I admit .
But also I depend on the American troops to get them ,the American are protecting me as they are doing to rest of the world, isn’t USA who lead the world ? correct me if I was rung ,so why you want them to protect you and is America say to many Countries…………. hey ,I will leave they start Crying ,hey please don’t go ,hey please we cant stay if you don’t stay ,the others will get us ,and I don’t wanna say the name of theses countries cause they are so many that I cant list them ,then why you want me to be different ,I ask directly through all my friends in the state ,that I need as many Iraqis do ,we need there help ,and we trust our life between there hands ,and they listen to us .
This was my opinion and I want to say it to Yassir and others .

Monday, November 01, 2004

From new free Iraqis to the Whitehouse

Hi every one …
Exciting monuments you are living now ,one day on the presidential elections ,I am not go to talk about your times ,because you are the ones ,who are living these great time ,and you deserve it .
I am go to talk about how we are seeing these elections ? and how we are feeling about it ?and is it important for us as it is for you ? and who the Iraqis support to be elected? And is these elections go to effect on Iraq future ?
Many questions I tried to find some answers for people around here .
I asked almost the closes friends and some people which I trust them ,and they under stand why I do that ,and they now that the only reason I do that because I love my country and I want the best and only the best for him .
I start with my friend Zaid ,asking him what do you thing about the American elections ,are you know any thing about it ?
Zaid : these are very important events and almost all the people are taking this elections very seriously ,maybe its very important for the Americans ,but its as much as important for us ,I am watching the news all the time to see the latest poll,and see who is leading ,for me I prefer GWB to be reelected ,simply because what he done for me ,and let my voice be heard .
I also asked my friend Amar ,and I asked him the same questions ?
Amar : I feel that these election is a very good simple that we should ,look to it ,and study it ,and be ready to learn from them to have the same right those free people got ,and see how much those people are free ,and if we are willing to be free ,we should learn from them , I don’t care for who will win ,as much as I care for this great experiment that I wish we able to have 50% from it in our elections .
I asked Luma about there ideas ?
Luma : this is indeed important for me ,not only for me but I thing for all Iraqis and free people in the world ,I strongly support GWB ,this man I very admirer ,is a very brave man ,and he is always keeping his promises and words ,and fight evil every where ,and what he did for me and my family ,is something we will never forget ,he free us from the evil and torch of the murder ,that roles us with fire and kill .
These where simples from some of the people I talk there opinion ,and there are a lot and more there are millions like these people here ,I wished that you can came here and hear them by your on ear ,not through the media that want to show you what they want you to see .
For me I believe that these election is one of the most important events in my live ,beside librating my country in 9th of April ,beside the coming elections in Iraq ,and I feel very exciting waiting to hear the result of the elections ,and I will stay wake all the night here to see the winner, and for me I support GWB strongly ,I will be the most happiest man in the world if he wins ,some people sure will say look to that fool man ,he support the one who killed his people and destroy his land ,and I want to tell them that you are the one who killed my people ,you are the one who destroyed my land ,by your sick and pathetic ideas and acts ,you never ever try to hear what the Iraqis want ,never try to hear there voice never try to under stand them always try to contain them , in Saddam time we where the enemy of all the great Arab world ,saying that Iraq made the mistake and the sin ,and invite a Muslim country ,and never forgive for Iraqis until now ,even knowing that Saddam act never represent Iraqis and if it dose ,it only represent a very small group ,and you fight them every where ,and if you are really good people and stand with persecutor ,you should stand with Iraqis during evil and dark ages of Saddam ,and when we get red of Saddam by the help of the united state ,in any title you under stand Liberation or occupation ,you returned to fight the Iraqis in the name of Jehad ,and that the Iraqis are portrayers ,and they seal the county and leader ,very funny and wear idea ,any way to talk about you faults and rung view of understanding things ,I will need endless and infinity time .
I want to talk about what's important form you and you garbage .
The American elections is the key for Iraqis to stay on the same way and the line we started for freedom and independents ,and as that I am sure that the policy towards Iraq is something final and its apart of the national security of the united state ,and it will not change ,but for me I prefer GWB to continuo this mission ,because he have the ability to do that ,and he is the one that the terrorist afraid of ,yes maybe Bin Laden is still free and a life ,but look to him where is he ,he is hiding ,waiting the chance every two or three year to show up for some moments ,and claming the ability to lead the world from a cave ,imagine , I wonder what and how he is thinking ,saying that I fight for the week people in the world ,and I represent the Muslims ,and all of us knows that week people and ordinary people never been in the equation at lest in the middle east that you came from ,and look what you did to Muslims you united the whole world in all different religions agents the Muslims all over the world ,even that you don’t represent them ,you only represent the extremes ,and they never accept to be part from any kind of the human life .
Bin laden is now only a shadow ,and he cant be more than that ,after he was a real threat for all free world ,he is now asking and trying to change GWB by appearing before the elections ,but he didn’t release that he united the American to get him ,and after he was roiling poor people in Afghanistan to make there life more miserable ,now look tom Afghanistan .
Iraq ,this is the most part id like ,what I and many and many of my people Waite to see ,a free liberated country ,and that will never be happened if we waited the mercy of the great friends of the exit regime ,or by our self's ,if we find them .look to Iraq and how he is walking with confidant steps towards what he want ,yes we got a lots of enemies and we got a long time to go ,but only it start with a sense and then turn to a feel and then to a wish and then to act ,and that what we dot together with our friends and only the real friends ,yes I support GWB because I see in him what I didn’t see in any modern leaders able to lead free nations .
I thing GWB did in 4 years what no one did ,from fighting the terrorist and help the nations to be free ,and he got the courage to go to the lands and fight them .
there for I wish that he be reelected ,so he accomplish what he start .
this is a copy from our latter to white house singed by some of Iraqis live here in Iraq ,and I write it by my hand write ,I hope that they will have the time to read it as a thankful letter from one of the people that GWB helped ,I at least chose my way did you ?