Friday, July 18, 2008

A way from home.

I never thought a day that I will be a way from home ,for all this time 2 years now and a half a way from Baghdad ,Baghdad the sweat home ,I didn’t born in baghdad ,I moved to baghdad when I was in in the eleventh of my age ,but after I got out of Iraq and where ever I go ,I never see more beutful than this twon ,as we say who aver drink form the water of Baghdad never can forget it.
I still missing this town I still feel that my body here, and my soul my mind is back there.
Hope that someday any on away from his home can be back there .
i post some pictures for Iraq.
For my beloved country ,rise up you are our hope we love to death.
Liberty statue in center of Baghdad

Old Babale city

Abo Nuaas street

Almamura tower

Ana tower in Anbar

Mosak in Faw city near Basra

Samara city
Tikreat palas

Abassian bridge in Kurdistan
Adamiya city in baghdad
Ali ben taleb mosak in Najaf

Dukan area in Kurdistan


Tigris river in Baghdad sun set



Tkrite Palass

View of Anbar