Tuesday, June 01, 2004

New day for Iraqis .

These days are ,a critical days ,and every one watching ,and wont to see what is the result of the new government and, we all hope that things work right ,and I spooked with so many people here ,actually every one talks about the new government, and who will be the president for the next transition step, there is people here didn’t like the way things gone ,and they say that the next “government” is a copy of the “govern conceal “ and they fail ,to help the country and fail to win people support ,and all that helped to increase the violent in Iraq ,although other people said ,theses people didn’t get their chance ,and the American didn’t let them to work through ,we hope that the new government will be a step forward , yes
I heard now that “Mr.ajeel al yawor” is the new president of republic of Iraq ,and “Mr .Ayad Alawi “ is the PM ,and there are 26 ministers .we hope that this government will help the Iraqi people to get through these difficult time.
And I asked immediately people here “what you think about the new government”
The first one I spooked to him said “I hope for the new step not like before ,nobody want the years of dockage will not back again, and the must important thing (security ,jobs,..etc)
Must of the people are very happy here ,but with all the joy and happiness ,there is still terrorist and people ,who don’t like to see what happing to Iraq .
And there is so questions that I heard from people .
1. On which basses this government was selected ,and did the united stated supported any one from the nominated persons?
2.will you use Iraq as a basic start point to change the middle east map.
3. will you establish military bases in Iraq ,and what you will do ,if Iraqis refuse.
4.will you allow Iraq to be a strong country ,Armed country ,and what will you do if Iraq ,didn’t match your thoughts , like he decided to attack Israel, or refuse to seal oil to USA

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