Saturday, June 26, 2004

Coming back …

Hi every one how are you ,hope you are all fine ,I miss you all ,I was working in a site for the new Iraqi army in Tadji, its was a great experiment, working out there for those brave man. I see them coming to defend their country ...
with all the determination they got ,believing in their cause ,brave young man ,come to be new Iraq army ,not one person army ,people army ,to defend their lives,not to attack them and kill them ,what I see was amazing ,and I was very very happy to see them and I felt safe ,I just love them ,and was more than happy to work for them .
Our main work was to build their bases and headquarters ,but not in the old way ,when there wasn't any care for them ,but in the modern ways to make them feel comfortable,and provide all the facilities for them in these basses ,it was just a great work .
I am so happy I am back to write again . I love you all good people ,some time and I see all that killing around me,feel like life reached the end ,but as soon as I see some good works ,it just make me ---wanna fly from happiness,and work more and more ,full of hope knowing that it never end ,there's always a chance,and its just like a sign to keep on, keep faithing ,this job add a lot of things to me ,I am here ,I am back ,I will be always here ,with faith ,and hard work ,we will win .

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At 6:27 PM , Blogger mewmewmew said...

Tiene sus aportes, pero no olvidar toda la producción de libros de historia de la iglesia argentina (críticos, claro): Ezcurra, Zanata, Di Stefano, Mallimacci, Mignone, en ese sentido lo digo, hay buena producción previa.

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