Friday, May 14, 2004


Thank you ,you answered all the questions in detail , and I got out of paper printing all the answeres ,but I am so happy with all that ,and I don’t believe how many answers I got through emails, my email is full, and the best thing that the Iraqi people are responding with away that I cant describe it every one asking for a copy ,its being like a newspaper and every one wont to read his question answer, also people begin to ask more question, like they found there missing answers, and the day I don’t give them answers they ask me ,why ,and I got a lot of questions ,but I got advice from some comments ,to ask some questions ,not all the questions ,so I got more detail answers, this is so good ,but this will not end our Koreas to now more and more about many questions we didn’t have any answer before .and I will do some interviews with people here to ask you there questions ,and have there opinions to you .
And this is some questions to you.
1. If there been an elections in Iraq, and a democracy government have been elected, and this government, asked the collation forces to leave Iraq, what will be your response?
2. If the elections lead to an extreme religion member “wins” will you accept that?
3. How you will help with the elections, what’s your part?
4. Are you going to support any one?


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