Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Hello …

Hi every one , thank you all for your time , answering our questions ,I printed your answers ,and start to give it to all people around to read it ,and it was a great response from people here , also I got a lot of " e-mail" I translated some of them to Arabic and print it ,and give it to people here ,I my self don’t believe ,how people are getting these papers ,when I print some of them " your comments" and afford and deliver ,they need more and more ,also there are people comes to me asking me more questions ,and they wont more answers ,telling me that is great ,that we can hear from people all around ,about our questions ,and this will explain a lot of things and issues to us ,and lead us to under stand ,how each other are thinking ,and we wont to hear more from each other ,I am so happy that I could help to communicate between my people and you ,and I wonder if you wont to answer more questions to explain and clear the view to people here in Iraq ,and I will be more than happy to take there questions and posted to you ,then I get your answers to there questions ,pleas tell me if you wont to answer .


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