Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The American elections in Iraqis eyes.

Time pass on, before one year ago, No one care for what was happing in the world, the “united state of America” the most hateful enemy to Iraq, a phrase by “the e. Iraqi regime” no body was care about this phrase or ask ---why ---and how it could effect there lives ,this was a “red line” you can’t agro ,or even thing about it ,even knowing that most if not all of the majority were in deferent world ,”accosted” and “tiered” with what they forced in , no one was thinking more than how he could survive and make money to rise his children’s .
One year later a big “change” you can strongly feel it …where ever you go ,completely another atmosphere ,people now have some kind of sense towards the events and they are developing with it ,maybe it’s the deflection of been kept away , but I like it ,and I’m happy for it ,the Iraqis are speaking on human rights ,democracy ,economies ,foreign policy ---- that’s one good steep forward ,yes it’s the right way to begin and time will be the beast tool to improve it .
The most thing that I interested of, was… how people are recognizing and releasing that
“elections “ is the only and the beast way to solve all problems ,and they look forward to the American’s election’s as there “good” sample of democracy ,and with all things happens in your elections and the reassign towards the “Whitehouse” am not gone to speak in behalf of you ,you knows this more than any one ,but for shore, we will get a lot of use from your experiment ,and as I see most of the Iraqis wish to have the same way of elections .
many people here in Iraq ,are watching carefully ,what’s happing in USA presidential elections , “JWB” and “JC” ,who will wine , this part is belong to you the people of united state ,and you for shore go to back up--- how you find is the beast for you ,for the Iraqis what is more important than someone wine ,the “policy” for long term relating to Iraq ,maybe as many Iraqis things if “JWB” win he will have the same policy and keep on finishing what he already start .
But what if “JC” wins?
Is he intending to keep on?
Will he back of?
Is he intending to withdraw the troops?
Will he support ---new Iraq ---and comates towards Iraqi people?
Maybe this not his business ,and as they say the war in Iraq didn’t bring ”peace” to the world.
And the war keeps away from the main issue --- global terrariums--- and the war create more hateful feelings towards the American people.
And what happened in “Madrid” was a clear view of changing the decisions ---yes--- what happened in Madrid was horrible and awful ,but the way things went ,make us think that it is changing dramatically ,Spain have all the Wright to withdraw there troops ,and we respect there diction ,but this will be a victory to ---terrors--- and they be more than happy with this decision ,and this make them more insists and determent to keep dealing with things by there way ,killing and terries people to get what they are after ,and we have the wrights to see and understand where is thing go towards .
The days will discover things.
I jest wont to clear some things which make you understand some issues on the ground.
I thing the hall view will change in 1/7 when the power will transition to the Iraqis and the relation between the coalition and the Iraqis will change to another level, and the relation will not be between the occupied forces “according to the united nation “and the relation will be with an Iraqi government and friends countries .
Maybe many Iraqi people looks to the coalition troops as a occupied forces,and the coalition there salves say we are occupied forces ,but I will ashore you that many people here disagree with the idea of ---withdraw--- these forces from Iraq on the short term and they are releasing all the dangerous--- which exists--- and need to be take of, for example there is those who are standing ready to take over the city’s by using force saying that religion is or way of live” religious extremists” and there is deferent sides of militia with a lot of weapons and little of thinking ,there is peoples and countries which they have there own ---agenda--- to Iraqi site ,and all these and more are now controlled by the coalition force “American troops” and a diction like withdrawing the troops in short term will be with dangerous and series consciousness , maybe unknown ones .
So what I wont to say that the Iraqi people take with a lot of concern this elections ,I know f here in Iraq ,that there is so many people here support Mr. “JWB” this will not mean a lot for you ,but what most people agree on here the long term policy of dealing with all the changes and the circumstances ,especially what is relating with Iraq.
The hall situation is so complicate than you could see it on TV ,our even imaging it.
As an Iraqi, my opinion on the next government of the united state, if any one won “JWB” or “JC” I thing they will stay on the seam line of commitment towards Iraq for long term policy, its jest my opinion.
A gain I am so sorry for those brave man dead out there.
Sorry for there families for these loss.
Sorry for united state and Iraq for losing them.
Wish you all the best with your live, hope, peace and joy, full up your live.


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