Sunday, January 25, 2004

We should publish our joys, and conceal our griefs

Local leaders and coalition forces work together.
For many years , residents living along the Tigris river in the saeda section of Sindabad have dreamed of having ruining water in their own homes .now , with the help of the Sindabad neighborhood advisory Council (NAC), sixty–five homes in the area have at last satisfied their thirst.
The project began as a suggestion by members of the Sindbad (NAC) and grew into a comprehensive vision to bring water to the area . the Sindabad NAC approached coalition the first hurdle in providing the water was finding all of the water main breaks west of highway 6, between the Al-Rasheed Military Base and the Sindabad neighborhood .the construction team succeeded and with the help of Iraqi engineers they were able to fix several breaks.
The next task was digging a passageway through a levy along the river in order lay a water pipe that would reach the sixty-five homes on the other side. Digging proved a challenge because the river’s watershed ran away from the riverbank toward highway 6. This meant that the team had to dig almost to the base of the 13-foot levy in order for the water to flow to the other side. Challenging though it might have been the team was undaunted and worked continuously with this complete workers proceeded to put in place a new water pipe al lowing the houses to tap into the water line thus giving the houses water for the first time ever this project led by the NAC and supported by the Baghdad Water Authority ,is a great example of the new Iraq government in action. Through cooperation and hard work the local government achieved their goal of serving the community by bringing of water to those who have never had it.
Another great job this time established on the base of cooperation between the locals and the coalition, great work that you see every one sharing together, these great days, working and serving the community new words were absents to Iraqis who live in dark spot .the basic role that you must understand and believe it, is that you live to serve one person (the great leader) or serve yourself.
Community: there is no such word in the life. I don’t want to say that it was the fault of anyone. It was difficult time, and believe me I don’t know how we passed it .we reach to a time that we see the wrong thinks happened in front of us.
But we couldn’t do or even say anything because if you talk or do anything you will face the law. Law great and huge word that makes the world live in peace but which law and who put this law, God, or any person, if it’s God’s law we will obey it and we will be asked from the God whether we are right or wrong, but if this law is putting in a way to serve one person ! must we obey it? You can answer this simple question, but very hard one to me. Sadaam was using famous phrases about many subjects, but he was saying them and obliging us to do like what he says. We couldn’t dare to say, if that was good or not, but we must obey. And one of these phrases e.g was about law he seas (law is a flexible word that we can use it as we want) the word (we) means he (sadaam), we reached a time that the Iraqis have to worship (sadaam), he is every where you go in your life. pictures every where on streets on schools, colleges, homes, TV just every were and if you talk badly about God, you allow to do sow, but you cant speak badly about sadaam. I told you it was horrible days. Even when we were getting together, were we useing to say if Iraq, liberated one day from dictatorship the first think that we need in our life are shrinks, psychologists, because of what we see. The reason that I talked about this specific project because it based on spirit of cooperation, the sprite that we lost it for many years, I hoping to keep good work and we have a lot of things to be learn. You have the right to be proud of your troops.

Sarmad Faraj


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