Saturday, January 31, 2004

USA please stay

These words was written in one of the main roads in Baghdad (USA please stay), how wrote these words, and why! To answer this question, we must know the way that Iraqi’s are thinking, because the walls seams to be the way or the stile of expiration about what they think about. Well these days most of Iraqis are busy with one main thing that is transferring the power to Iraqis.
I am not go to talk about the way of the transferring. I think this thing was been clear from more than a way, so I am go to talk a bout the results from which we as Iraqis see it and how most of people see it. I talked to many people about that issue, deferent people, friends, regular people, students. I asked them many questions. The talk begins with asking them if it's good to transfer the power to the Iraqis? Most of the people totally agree that it‘s so important to do, so let say a bout (85%) agree with this step and the others seem they don’t agree.
Then I asked when you prefer to do saw? There was deferent Points of view about that question. Some of them prefer to do that right now without any delaying, and they based on that that the power should be in the hand of the Iraqi’s, becuse they can deal with complicated satiation like the security, which is the more important thing for the Iraqi’s right now, among many other things. And they believe that the transferring is the right choice, no matter how is the way of the transferring and they were about (30%).
Others people think that we should not rush things and we must take our time and study all the choices and pick the right one, and they represent about (70%).
My next question was, would you prefer to transfer the power to Iraqi governing council?
There was different answers, many of the Iraqis believe that the Iraqi Govern council couldn’t succeed in his job. Some people don’t blame the members and they say the do their best, but they had a lot of difficulties and they resaved a destroyed country and despaired people. And they need more time and help to fix the things, and they need to be given more authorities to do there work and they are about (35%). Other people think that the power should be transfer to elected persons not people put by the united state government. They mean the govern council and they say that the govern council members are not representing the Iraqi people and they are about (65%). I asked if it's important to do elections? Almost all of the Iraqis agree that there should be elections, but they disagree with each other for the right way and time for these elections. There are some people that say that we should do it right now if it’s possible, and to be more specific about that thing lets put it that way. Most the population is (sheaa) and they represent the south of Iraq and the fellow there spiritual leader (Alsistany) and they fellow the (fetwa: its mean when there is major problem to solve this problem they get back to there reference and that reference is the spiritual leader which he is the most wisdom and respectable person and he base on Islam rule to solve the problems beside his knowledge and wisdom)they think that we should have elections now with out any delaying if its possible and the thing its possible now . the other part of Iraq which represented in the middle of Iraq (which they called by the seniy triangle) which are most of them seni, they are against the elections now, and the say we got to get more time to prepare for this event ,and they say that the view is not clear right now, and there should be supervised by the united nations, and the united nations must do the best perpetration, and we wait some time if it’s necessary to succeed the operation. The other part of Iraq is north of Iraq, and north of Iraq was separated from central government during sadaam time and they established their own government. They are basically two major party in kourdstan and they are (united national party of kourdstan) its lead by (Mr.jalal AL-Talebaney ) and they based in (Solemaneya). And the other major party is the (republic party of kourdstan), and its lead by (Mr.msaood Al-brazaney) and they are based in (Arbill). And the last negotiation between the two parties they decided to united in one major government, and wait for the elections. The Kurdish don’t have problem with the elections, but they have problem about what they should elect about. The most important thing for them is that the country should be federal state, and they don’t want to be treated like a second degree citizen as they been tertian in sadaam time, and they ashore for all, that they don’t intend to separated from Iraq, and the don’t want to establish there own state. They believe in one united federal Iraq, also they don’t want a federal based on religion and they think that the geographic federal which is based on respect of all rights and respecting human rights is the solution for new Iraq. They are ready to give all the advantages which they got from 1991-2003 and be in one united Iraq.
I hope that I reach for you a close look for how the things go in Iraq today, but let see what we can get out as a conciliation for how my people think. You see most of the Iraqi’s agree that we most go through the election process but they don’t agree on two main things; when and how. Well from my point of view, I prefer to take more time before I go through this important step. I need to learn more about elections, and who I elect, and how I elect and why I should elect A or B or C. I should know more about the persons and there election lists and how are they and where they come from and what they represent for us. The most important thing is that we should have a strong constitution, and we got to take our time to do it. I know that will take time and a long time also. But why people in USA and the rest of world take their time, I mean the USA put in their own constitution in 100 years, and the world aspect from us to put it in ten days, one year, whatever. We need time. Iraq now is like a sick person he is recovering and he need time and treatment, our Iraq is like a newborn child, needs time to learn things, and do not forget that we want, new beginning right one depends on strong base’s and we need all the help to do so. The people should learn how to except each other opinion, and except the realty of thing, also there is some basics important thing to be consider which is the security side, if we want for our self elections, we must firstly control the security side. I see the security side is a very important side for us, because there is so many people do not like this important step towards democracy and freedom. We have the regime members, we got Al-Qeyda members and we got the Neighbors.
Yes. Our Neighbors. And let us say all Neighbors. Without any exception, its not good for all those people if Iraq be free and democracy and they don’t wish the united states to succeed in the job in Iraq. They are all afraid that their turn is coming to them and it’s coming sooner than they expect. So they still want unstable situation, also we should know the exact number of the Iraqi people, you might don’t know that when sadaam regime collapsed, all the borders were open, and a large present of those who want to fight a genets the Americans troops came in through those borders, and they still came in and mostly from the Sierra and Iran, so we most account the exact number of the voters. And will the Iraqi’s have the ability to except the result, and if he lose, he will acccept that, and what will be the reaction’s, and the more important thing how will support this elections is it the united nation or the collation. But the major thing that all the Iraqi’s are agreed about when I asked them, should the USA troops go a way from Iraq immediately? All those I asked agreed and insist that the collation forces by the USA command should stay. And when I asked about the reason, they say we cant do this alone and we cant without USA help to do so. Also we don’t see that there is people could except loose, and the most important thing that we have Neighbr. How have their interest and their own agenda or plan for Iraq, and we cant now face all these challenges, without the untied state or the national community, and we will be greatful if they do so.
These were the answers of number Iraqis which I talked to them the past days, I hope that I put you in the picture of Iraqi’s delay interest, and please let me know if there is any thing I can help with.



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