Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Could our dreams be true?

We were only dreaming, That's what we could do, and you must not share
your dream with any one ,because you don't know... maybe they won't
your dream ,and you will be punished for your dream.

Believe me-- that's was what happening here.
A lot of changes happened here. Good ones. We can dream freely now.
It's a good thing, and beautiful that you can share your dream with any
But just dreaming is not enough to move life. All of us wants his own
dream be true-- and we wish all dreams to be true, if it is possible.
I'm going to talk about the Iraqis' dreams. Many dreams came out after
they had been kept for a long time, and these dreams show how they
and feel ,
The shared dream for all Iraqis was to be released from Sadaam's
regime... and many of them even said "I will accept any one who will
help us, even if he was the devil himself!" That was because of what
suffered ,and you might feel for us, but you could not imagine our
situation. Three destroying wars ,thirteen years of sanctions ,two
million killed , four million left the country ,and the rest despaired
in their ignorance ,

But what happened on the 9th of April made many Iraqis feel like they
were reborn, and brought others to life after they had been dead. They
began to think and respond to changes after they could not speak or
think, (even with your self!) You can now think, and dream, and share
your dream, and let any one know what you are thinking. This is one
good step forward, and the rest will come.

Before, we got only one-sided media: the regime's media, and we must
watch what they want us to watch. It was "copy and paste media." We
were drudges. We couldn't feel any thing... and even if we felt
anything, we couldn't understand it.

Now, look at what we have! More than 200 daily newspapers! In Baghdad,
more than 6 TV channels! Yes! Every one is showing their way, from
own point of view--but that's good thing, to have more than one
opinion. At [least] [last] we can see how all or the majority are
thinking. And disagreeing is a healthy thing, if it is done peacefully.

And as to one dream-- but it's an important one--
saddam no longer exists.

There is no doubt, that the capture of sadaam changed a lot of things
the ground. There are people who loved sadaam. They say that he did
what he did to save Iraq from being torn apart ,and they insist that
united Iraq was worth all this blood and the mass graves.
Many other Iraqis disagree with this opinion, but there are people who
think this way, here.
But as I said, the capture of sadaam shows many things, and it mainly
shows that these people are wrong, And the way he has been captured,
shows how much they were wrong ,

There's been a big change of what they call "resistance". Yes, there
are people resisting, What they are resisting is the new life of
They are resisting the "One, United Iraq" that they have been always
talking about! They still think that violence will solve problems ,
because this is the only way they CAN act. That, and the fact that
were told that they are the masters and we are the slaves. Killing is
a hobby to them.

We are sure that our determination of staying free, after we've tasted
the meaning of freedom, will be stronger than their sick dreams,

These days, Iraq is witnessing a great day. It's the Day that we will
go on to see our first constitution , even it is not final and it needs
more time to be done right--- ,but at least we've got one now ,and
is going be Law to be respect, We are all equal before The Law, and
one is above it . There will be freedom for people to express their
opinions peacefully,
And even if all this is to only hold us for a limited time, so we can
do elections ,we are so happy that they will sign this constitution .
All those who bet on civil war in Iraq , well, their dreams have
crashed on the rock of the new free Iraq . All the killing stuff they
are doing, to "create a situation between the Iraqis" will fail ,

I'm in college, as you know, and the college is like a small example of
Iraq at large. There are students from all over the country here, and
they are together, living peacefully. They are enjoying their time,
they have fun. No one says anything about "you are sunni!" or "you are
shiea" or"you are Arabic" or "you are Kurdish!" They would be
to talk or look or think this way!! They say, "we are all brothers
we are Iraqis."

There are some people claiming that the Kurdish want to separate, and
make their own country , I am Kurdish, even though I have lived in
Baghdad all the time ,and as I told you before, there is no one who
wouldn't like all their dreams to come true ,but there is something
important than one's selfish dream,
Yes, the Kurdish want their own independent country, but they know
that there is a lot of trouble in their way ,and they realize that.
I've talked to many of them, asking them "why would you want to
separate?" I talked to students in the college that are new, here in
Baghdad. They weren't allowed to study here for a long time, because
you know that Kurdistan was separated from Iraq, for more than 12
years. But now it's back to being an included part of Iraq, and
students don't know Arabic.
You might ask, " how could they study, if they don't know how to speak
Arabic?" Well, that's why I said that I don't fear civil war: those
students are being helped, all the way, by the other students. They are
helping them to understand the Arabic language, They are helping each
other, in a way.
All I can say about it is, it might be a gift from God ,
When I talk to them in the Kurdish language, they are totally
surprised, and ask me "how could you speak Kurdish? Are you Kurdish?"
I tell them "I am Iraqi."
I tell them "If you need anything explained to you, I am ready to do
so." They tell me that their colleagues are doing their best to make
them comfortable.
Then I ask them "Do you prefer to separate from Iraq and make your own
home country?" They hesitate to answer. they tell me "We were the
victims of sadaam, and most of our people were killed in the name of
'Iraq for all' , We never got peace until we got the no- fly zones area
,and our people have been slaves under the Iraq flag ,but we know that
separating is not possible, We want to stay in one united Iraq , if
the new Iraq respects all , it it's the Iraq of Law and it treats us
native citizens, equal in everything ,and won't treat us as a second
degree persons ,"
To be honest with you, I am relieved when I hear them , After all is
said and done, we've got the same goals, but in a different way , and
that's good.

I want to see one united Iraq: powerful, one in everything,

Yesterday, I was speaking on the phone. I'd been called by my brother
,to tell me to look on the TV ; there was report about the Iraqi
soccer team ,
I love soccer, as do many Iraqis, and when I watch football, I forget
about anything else ,
I think in the USA there is a "Superbowl event" and there is American
football, and baseball is more popular than soccer, Sport is a
language to communicate between different worlds,
Anyway, it was a regular report. Our teams are training. They won their
first match against Oman, 4 –0 . We were very happy. Our next match is
against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The amazing thing in this report was when Mr. Bremer appeared in the
field, playing with the players, and supporting them!!

Pretty different view from yesterday, when our team would be preparing
to go a match, and they were threatened to be punished, if they didn't
win... Even if they couldn't give more than they had...

Thank you, Mr. Bremer, for your time.
What a great person. And he is an example to many of the Iraqis,
I, myself, if he is nominated to be the president of Iraq, I will vote
to elect him, as many of us will do ,
God bless you-- to your country, and to Iraq ,

I called Hameed on Sunday. He was so kind to me. I tried to call him
from my mobile phone. (It's a new invention to Iraqis-- we weren't
allowed to use mobile phones or the internet during sadaam's time. We
couldn't write or express ourselves as I am doing now. I would have
been accused then of being a spy for America.)
Anyway, I've got to get up on the roof of my house to make the calls,
because the mobile net is not strong enough, and they need some more
time to complete it,
Hameed welcomed me ,and he told me to hang up the phone, so he could
call me back on his charge-- and he told the sweetest words I've ever
He told me "it seems that people like your writing." These words let me
fly to the sky. With all of what I suffered in my life, and all of what
I've seen , these kind of words-- or your comments-- or e-mail-- make
feel that life is beautiful, and it is worth every minute we live in it

Thank you all, there, for letting me know that I am not alone in this

The other surprise from Hameed was when he told me that I can continue
my study in the UK, or the USA, and he will help me to get a

That is more than a dream coming true, to me , I am eager to learn and
study , and he told me something so beautiful:
He said, "Sarmad, we learn that after every darkness, there is

Thank you, Hameed ,

He also advised me to keep away from bad guys, as you all advise me,

Believe me. in the past, it was my thought, when I'd see something
wrong, to not say any thing and keep going on my way ,
Something changed after the 9th of April. I can no longer accept the
wrong ways, and I am more than ever realizing what is happening, and I
see things so clearly,
I know that I've got to right things, I might be killed dead,
anytime, for it, but there are many, who are ready to keep on if there
is no Sarmad , There is Zaid, and Wesam, and many, many more ,

I don't work only for my time. I work for the future , the future of
next generation , a generation who will learn how to plant a Rose and
draw one ,not live carrying a weapon ,

I love you Iraq ,
I owe you, USA, thank you .

There are people asking why I put the cost of the war in Iraq in my
I wanted people to see that the USA are serious in what they are
They pay a lot of money to make the world a better place to live. I
you to see how your money is really used, here in Iraq, to rebuild a
new country
and I wanted to show my people that there is a lot of money being spent
on Iraq and we are not alone .

Many people are asking me "What's your opinion on Iraq having
with Israel?"
As I told you before, we welcome any one who wants to be our friend,
and wants to help us.
We are human and they are too, and I will welcome any Israeli who
to be a friend ,
When we first got the internet, after the liberation, I used to go to
chat rooms on yahoo messenger. I was always going to the Jewish room,
and when I was telling them that I am from Iraq ,they were asking me if
I am an American soldier. when I was telling them, no, I am an Iraqi
,they welcomed me and congratulated me that we get rid of sadaam, and
asked me "how you are feeling?" and "you are speaking to Israeli
That was very kind, and nice of them ,We had been told that those
hated us, always. Now we are friends.
and then, when I was going to Arabic rooms, telling them I am an Iraqi
,they told me "You are traitors and you don't deserve living" and
others were telling me "you must fight, to get back your dignity ,

so we are ready to have any friendship, relation with anyone, who wants
to be our friend.

And I wont to send special Thank to "janet"she is doing agreat job ,she is my guide.

Thank you all You are my inspiration.


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