Saturday, February 07, 2004

Friends & enemies

Hi everyone, it was another bloody day for the Iraqi people, it was the first day of Iraqi Muslims chrisms of our what they call it in Arabic (eid), this time it was in city of (Arbial) in the south, it’s the first day of the occasion and the two main head courtier are full with people from everywhere. Man’s, women’s, children’s greeting each other. It’s the first celebration under the name of freedom, everyone happy that dictator rule ship is over ,and looking forward to a new life, and suddenly a huge explosion smashed all these great dreams to wake up all dreamers to reach a message of warning that freedom way is long. We defeated a dictator, but we still have to defeat terrorism. And we got to unite to defeat this dangerous disease and all how help it to grow, the result of the explosion was 125 person and about 250 other were injured, a tragedy for those innocent people how want just new life. And the people were so sad there, and you could see in each street their sadness and people were cringe for that great loss all those people were a group of very educated and respectable man’s and women’s served there country and wont to keep on towards freedom way a big loss for us. And the last thing we want here is killing educated persons that we need them in our new life so they guide us towards freedom. They called that day there the 11th of September of Kurdish in Iraq, the terrorist operation was comitted by two persons, a man a and a woman. The first one was dressed like a religion man, and he entered the republican party of kurdstan head court, and the second person she was a woman and she discussed as a member of kurdstan women union, and in the same time about 9.45 AM local time when the please was crowded they exploded themselves, killing with no mercy that was the preppies behind this operation. But with all that tragedy and loss, I saw the people more insist than any time a go to keep one with any price and coast towards light and freedom and liven behind dark days, saying that the blood of those brave people and every one droped blood in this land to free it will never be waste , and this is not only our fight but it’s the all free person war. And the investigation started immediately all people helping each other to know who is behind this horrible crime, a video tape has been found is belonged to the photographer who was in the place. It was damaged because of the explosion but they manage to fix it, it shows the man before he explode himself, and his picture was published all over the country, telling the people if that any one knows any information about that man please report. A taxi man report that he left the suspect from a hotel downtown to the main bus station of Arbial city and immediately a police force surrounded the hotel ,they catch another suspect he was the third person and he was an Arabic person from (Yemen). He was also had about 200 kg of (TNT) ,and the investigation led to two other persons and they are also Arabic nationality, one from (Lebanon) and the other one from (plantain). And they admit their responsibility about the terrorist operation, and they are related with an organization called there self (Ansaar Al Islam). It is a religion organization related with al-Quda terrorist organization the was firstly live in south of Iraq near the Iranian boarder and they were hiding in mountains there and they where supported from al- Quda and there was relations between them and sadaam intelligence, but during the war of liberating Iraq they were bomb by coalition forces, some of them were killed during the war and others caught by the coalition force and others run a way and hid in what are called now the (seiny triangle). They hid them because in the Arab tradition if any one ask for your help you must help him even if he comits a crime and most of them are from Arab countries and they think and believe that sadaam is the only brave Arab leader. And most all Arab countries were supported by sadaam regime was supporting these countries, so they were very sad for been capture by the Americans troops. My friends which been more than 15 years I couldn’t see them because they run away from the big Persian of sadam, they came back to visit Iraq after liberation, and he said to me I couldn’t believe me or either all other Iraqi’s when we was watching the TV and see the statue of sadaam that big monster falling down, we where very happy I cant describe our self’s and what we do. Some of us Cray from happiness, some of us was sinking, others dance in the street we didn’t believe what we are seeing, that was in (Seiyu), but the Seiren and other Arab were sad and very sad for saddam. And they are saying to the Iraqis which the came from there that sadaam is a hero, and he was prated from the closer people to him. We were thinking that all the Arabs don’t like sadaam and Iraq because what sadaam gamete in the name of the Iraqi people, and when an Iraq was traveling out said Iraq to work they were treated badly especially from the Arabs countries, believe me we forgive them, knowing that sadaam bad behavior reflected of the Iraqe people. But we couldn’t do anything or change anything, and when sadaam gone, they didn’t change any of their behavior towards the Iraqis, and they start another war against us, their media start taking about the Iraqis and they are betrayers, you are dealing with our enemy, you didn’t fight for your country, and you must fight for your country. Because its invited by a foreign country, and they began a media war on Iraq. That media war are lead by the same persons that supported sadaam, and we are the victim of those people, but you see we don’t have our media now after the liberation. Yes there have been a lot of newspapers after the liberation, all kind that talks about almost everything, unusual thing for us we been under regime press. But still we don’t have an effective space channel, we Know that going to take some time and a lot of money so we can express ourselves. We hope that Al hurra channel will be our new free channel, we severed firstly from sadaam media first, and now we are severing from Arab media and we are severing every day watching these descanting channels. From what we see on Aljesera and Alarbia space channel, the Iraqi people are really upset from the way that they are dealing with new fact of Iraq and the way that they shows us the news and how they change the facts. And how they show sadaam as an innocent person, and he is a victim of a conspiracy, without paying an attention to Iraqi’s feelings. Many people say we must stick together, and must learn how we can receive others opinions and explain ours. This is a new kind of thinking we did not have before.
And the question that needs an answer: Who’s Iraq friends and who’s Iraq enemy? For a long time we were told that our enemy is waitting to get us. And we must prepare and be ready for that great danger, but who’s our enemy? Why he wants to get us, who’s our friends? These questions went for a long time with out answers for us. When we were speaking about what was happening in our country we were involved in to a deep sea of unreasonable and incense explanation for what happing. I mean when we fight Iran for more than 8 years of a destroying war, destroying of every meaning of life, destroying every meaning of human kind, Iraq lost more than one million and a half in this war. And when it stopped we was very happy, and happy more that we didn’t lost one of our family in this war, we was happy. Other families were sad for their kids and brothers and fathers how they lost, we were happy that the war was over. We go to live our lives in peace, it seems that we were wrong, and the families which were happy that they didn’t lost anyone were wrong, and it seems like time repeated itself. I remember that day in the morning of the 2nd of August in 1990, when my mam woke me up to tell me that Iraq invaded Kuwait, another shock for the Iraqi’s. It was less than two years when we get out through our first war, we start another one, and it seem that the families that were happy have to pray again. I say that because Iraq was a big military base, you born here to live but you have to fight to live, and almost all the families should have one in the army. But that war is deferent from Iran war. In Iran war almost all the world helped Iraq and Iraq was the one who fights for jest, freedom, and sadam was the bravest man. When I was reading the Arabic news peepers they only comment thing I was read that sadam is our leader and we should help him to fight evil, and I say the Arabic news papers because I couldn’t read a foreign one and they might have the same words written there, and in the name of that great hero, there was grimes cementing agents all those that disagree that great leader, because he was fighting for good. There was hundreds and thousands of innocent people buried under ground, many of the Iraqi’s were killed by the regime and the whole world knows nothing about them. When sadam was fighting Iraqs Neighbor, he was also fighting his own people. Sadam killed the Kurdish people with chemical weapons in (halapcha) and killed more thane 5000 people and he was without mercy to those peaceful, but no one stand agents him. And no one mention those people, and then in the second war sadam lost control on the country and he almost lost everything. But the world decided to give him a second chance. Then he began a third war on his own people, thinking that they petard him and he begin to kill with out mercy from south, and north and east, just everywhere he just want to rule any way, with any price, and the world was just watching and turn away off there site of what happing in Iraq. The reason that make me speak about that subject, that we as Iraqi people were thinking that, we are Arabs friends and they are our Friends and we have the same targets. But after second gulf war most of Iraqis understand well that they are not our friends, that are even not exist. Iraq has been through 13 years of sanctions without any help from any Arab countries and they forget that there is humans there and those humans are Arabs and Moslems also. Is that the Arab united nation that they talk about is that the great words of unity and freedom, that they talk about where was the Arab when we need them, they were trying to help us! How that what we was asking ourself all that time, and we said to ourselves, ok they hate sadam, and they cant help us because sadam is still ruling Iraq. Again we were wrong. Those people like us as we were before in sadam time we was reaped our dictation our judgment our thoughts every thing, and we saw that every thing they lost in there life, they try to put out by criticized Iraq new life. Yes, we have a lot of mistakes and many wrong things, because we never get used to doing the right thing. We got out in light ,but we will learn to do the things right, and we will learn and learn, but you still in the same place, and you still do the things wrong. We need help, and we need it now, so all those helping us now and helped us are our friends. I wonder why they want the best things for themself and the bad things for us. Iraq has been in three terminated wars by the name of Arab nation, Iraq has been destroyed by these wars. Isn’t it enough of that speeches, and could you please give us time to live our life and build our country. Could you please give us a chance to prove that we deserve to live, we open our hearts and minds to all who wants to help us.

Dear friends, I hope you feel what I want to reach to you, forgive me for my poor spelling, and as I said before what’s happening in my country not only related to me or my people, but is related with all of us and success in the Iraqi experiment means success in the whole region. We must walk the way to the end, we learned important lessons from Iraq; that you must not live your life only for today and yesterday, you must live for tomorrow. So I keep on writing and explaining things everyway I can, by writing, by talking, by work, by drawing even by symbol if it takes.


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