Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Dear readers..

I am so happy that you recognize this article and the main resin that I published it because I see in it what I and many of fallujah people feel ,this article was brut to me by one of my students and he is from fallujah residents and he told me to read it and that what he and many of he's people thing ,but there is a lot of strange things happening ,and that what I am working onTo fide it out ,and you will read it in my next article ,and its about what happened in fallujah before tow weeks ago , I went there to see what happened ,but I am not finish yet ,I need some time ,to explain what happened there ,so when I publish this article I won't to reach something I couldn’t reach it to you ,so when I read the article ,I wonted you to feel what I felt ,and it is something related to me and you ,so please read what I go to publish in a few days coming .


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