Monday, February 07, 2005

The rebuilding of new Iraq.

Dear friends ,I told you that I am so busy that I don’t have the time to write for you about these great time that we have in Iraq ,but also u don’t want to miss this great chance ,to speak about what we are doing here ,there for I will try my best to speak as much as I can about ,the construction side in Iraq ,and this side is very important for both side ,because we are in together ,I mean you already are paying for these projects ,and you need to know where your money is going hoping ,that this will help to be as a reference for some of the major projects ,and also might help to engorge more people to participate in this processes .
I worked with a lot of companies since they started working in Iraq ,and I got a lot of experience from them ,many great people been here in Iraq ,and the where gorgeous to stay and work here side by side to us .
I worked hard because I love what I am doing ,but you know I couldn’t speak ,because of the security side ,and for safety of people around me, I got now my own company ,and I started that from nothing ,I was having nothing ,before that ,I was hardily enough my day ,I mean my expensive .
And step by step I started this company ,and I was getting more experience and more confident ,day by day ,I am very happy and proud with what I done ,I started alone ,now we are 5 presences in the management and the logistic support and we have a round 25 worker and foramens ,standby to started we are ready ,and we are expanding.
Also I want to give a worm and big thank to Christine, she is the one who helped me to grow and do that ,I know Christine, from my blog ,she was reading my blog ,and she send me an email ,asking me if I wish to work for an American company in Iraq ,she readied my CV from the site and she is interested offered me apposition ,to work as an architect in the Watsontown Group in Iraq ,and the are interested to interview me ,and after a couple of emails and phone calls with here and there manager in Iraq ,we end to work together ,and we where calling each other almost dally ,she was in the state and I was coordinating here in Iraq ,tell she arrived before 4 month's now ,we did a lot of things together ,to help Iraq ,to stand up on his feet again.
So I will started from tomorrow ,writing about the projects we did here .
I hope you will get use from that .


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