Thursday, February 17, 2005

The beginning of our work.

Hi again ,dear friends here are one of the projects I started and its ,a very important project ,for the Iraqis ,it’s the projects of the HEALTH CLINIC CENTER ,and it’s a project consisted of 150 clinic all over Iraq ,it’s a big project and it’s an important one , bid on some of them to take the assessment for these clinics ,and I win to take 2 governors site ,and each governor contain 8 sits ,the two governors are Deyilaa and Anbar it’s a very hard and difficult place to work in but ,these project are for the seek of the good people there not for the terriers ,there for we decided to go ,we was leaving Baghdad at 5.00 Am in the morning ,in two cars on for me and the crew and the other for the equipments ,the road to there is very dangers ,and each day when we get out tell we reach the site ,we get through many difficulties ,and we get many threats ,but also we so a lot of good people ,which helped us and treat us so good .
We started by locating the site and our survey crew start there work by potting there equipment in the land to find the points and the corners of the land ,using the level and the Theo delight ,also others start to deck for the boreholes ,and taking the soil simples for the laboratories for the geotechnical report .
I am not a civil engineer but I got a lot of experiences from being with them .
I am very happy that we did that successfully ,and this was a great experiment ,and I would like for this to be an example. and I would be happy that some day you will be able to work here ,to bring your experience here in Iraq ,we will need that ,Iraq should be an open Area for all to compete and work here according to a cod or a system ,but all should have the same chances .
These projects might be a beginning for the processes of rebuilding Iraq, despite that there is difficulties ,and I know that this is not easy ,but its only the beginning .
There is a picture for our crew in Jalawlaa area its in Deyilaa governor ,and there are some people and kids gathers near us .


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