Monday, October 04, 2004


Hi every oneā€¦.
Hope every one is good,and I thank all the peoples who were concern on me ,and asking all the time .
Thank you all ,and forgive me ,for not posting or answering any one email ,I was through very difficult situation ,and the was so many troubles I been through .
I got many threats , if I keep writing they will kill me and my family .
it seems that things still for some people is same they use to be .
time stopped for them ,and they cant under stand the time is rolling ,and things will never be like it be .
but because this thing was not related only to me ,but was related with other persons ,and those was my family members ,I preferred not to take things ,in away that heart any one ,and deal with the whole issue ,as a serious thing ,and this was not an easy job .
I hope I did the right thing ,and I am sorry again .
But this thing was bigger than I can afford .
I hope things will be better for Iraq and Iraqis and the whole world .


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